Super bacteria begin to run amok, things can become boycott "Jones"?

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People seem to have been living under the fear of being dominated by food safety issues。 Prior catering waste oil industry event, after the meat processing meat injection event。 Now, another serious threat to food security was placed in front of us – the proliferation of the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry。
When people eat the antibiotics to animals, "super bacteria" to be hanging in everyone's head with a knife。 So, eat waste oil remain strong people can continue safe and sound under the "super bacteria" are erosion, no one would dare bet。 Because the cost of lost probably extinct genocide。
Figure | What is super bacteria antibiotics?Antibiotic is at a low concentration can be selectively inhibit microbial secondary metabolites of certain biological life activities, and its chemical semisynthetic or fully synthetic derivatives。 Antibiotics inhibit or kill pathogenic microorganisms, it is an important drug prevention and treatment of infectious diseases。 Not only the antibacterial effect of antibiotic, which comprises a further anti-tumor effect, anti-viral, immune suppression, insecticidal, herbicidal action, etc.。
FIG | Antibiotics Antibiotics are produced depending on the kind of a variety of ways, such as penicillin biosynthesis by a microbial fermentation method, sulfonamides, quinolones, using chemical synthetic production; and semi-synthetic antibiotics, biological synthesis is obtained the molecular structure of antibiotics by chemical, biological or biochemical methods to prepare various derivatives transformation。 It can be divided according to the chemical structure: quinolone antibiotics, the β- lactam antibiotics, macrolide, aminoglycoside antibiotics; can be divided according to use antibacterial antibiotics, antifungal antibiotics, antitumor antibiotics, antiviral antibiotics , animals with antibiotics, agricultural antibiotics and other antimicrobial agents (such as those produced ergot ergot alkaloids having pharmacological activity, contraction of the uterus), etc.。

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