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Part One: heaven complicated life, tired of my body; greedy human desire, sadness in my heart; cold reality, my feelings of loneliness, cold atmosphere, frozen my emotions; I no longer nostalgia share of beauty, I no longer fantasy to reality.Do not know when, like on the lookout days.  Cold night, walking in the dark in the street and looking at the stars in the sky a heart-breaking sadness flowing in the cold wind.So lonely night ah!Only the sky the stars winked lazy eye, in which there is no moon night, they still own light shine, even if they know that the moon is not bright, not willing to give up their own value, I looked at them, they looked I can not know where they hang on the sky, I only know how far away we are, although —– looked so near.There sinking meteor across the sky, my friends for this fleeting, feel very sad, familiar melody between heart swing lightly ‘Pavilion, the trail edge, green lawn, willow flute residual breeze Buddha, sunset Shanwaishan.”During the day looking at the clouds of heaven, and my heart is indifferent, they are under the blue sky, swirling relaxation, beautiful stretch waist, I envy their ever-changing attitude, I like their style soft watery, thin, such as yarn is smoke, thick as ink, such as the mountain, when to aggressive, it is fragmented when to go, I want to be like their laid-back, the same unfathomable ah, but unfortunately I can not, I can only sit in my own wells inside, looking at his this narrow sky, gradually, gradually, I seem to know a hurry cloud, clouds rushing displaced.  To a southern cloud, I floated into the sky, her graceful posture, such as the West Lake shore weeping willow-like graceful, temperament as a bridge south of colorful, soft like water enamored southern, thin faint Another example is the southern rain romance, she said she was going to Kyoto, where her dream, where there waiting for her, she told me about the story of the broken bridge, the legend of the Butterfly Lovers, she told me about bridges hometown, misty rain Jiangnan, she said her favorite hometown wonderful, she confided to me that love of loneliness, love her quiet.A wonderful story, a sentence sounds appealing language, picturesque, mesmerized, dreamlike, I started to like her personality clear invigorating, fresh and natural narrative, like her fill the gap Song of Life.I knew it, she was in my dream planted the southern red beans.Her sad when you walk the streets, let the cold wind combing her long hair, she was homesick, I eagerly look into the distance, thinking it would only wonderful home.  Our distance is too far away, we are just a chance to rub shoulders, laugh, her beautiful flower, such as water lines, we all have our stories, we all have our lives, and I only wish her happy forever, she I looked at the ground, I looked at her in heaven.Heaven, a new life, a new joy!    Part II: hope every day the blue, the sun warm.  I like this feeling, and occasionally stolen half a day, lying on the settee balcony.Are the heart and soul toward the top of this piece of the sky, let me see fine, clear, Yunjuanyunshu.  Scroll billowing clouds, and then a long comfortable knowing.Watching the clouds vagaries habit, then the habit of any type of cloud, through speculation ponder deeply, adding his own mind already self-defined hidden meaning, for their own divination.Try to estimate their own day came fortune.But whatever the day, even if it is curly dark clouds, angry God, out of his own fortune always tied auspicious meaning better margins.  Often believe that life is a day help people.Knowing that it can not predict the future is geometric, but insist on self-deception, insist on a Bu Bu, no matter what.If it should be, and to praise himself clever, Liaoshirushen; if the violation, but set a laugh.There is always a reason for their excuses in the past.Maybe this is a heart fool of himself, always put yourself in another one stuffed Mei Mei’s dream.This network expansion sauna is precisely my little vanity and ambition.This is what I understand from him to God, which is God gave me a gift of my opinion.  Standing on the balcony of feeling really good.Looking ahead, full of a large, all the top.Skyscrapers, and much lofty sky heaven; heaven trees, could see only the tip of the sharp angle.They are magnificent, their arrogance, their introduction of the eye’s attention.But are understandable, after all, they are the most powerful group inside, heaven tree is Wanlin spire, pinnacle of the city is building sky.But, at the same time you also have this notice, from the high-rise after another, pulling branches and tree branches, their pursuit of higher lies on top, they have also continued to extend higher ground, they are still scrambling to own one day.  Gee, do you have left them on the grounds of a?  Suddenly a gust of wind, a stir calm.Startled birds, the distant thump thump, higher ground wings.A touch of mind, but also the wind, lifted came by water, looked at the sky, watching birds fly aerial struggling, one warrior courageously forward, knowing only duty-bound to take off to far higher.Mind the extended farther, Imagination, one day, I would also like them in general, full feathers, but after a while this wind startled, this struggling shock wings fly, fly at the end of the world to do, fly to Cape edge, fly their ambition to reach the place, but also boundless boundless.  Eagles had grown, and dance in the sky.I want to fly, to fly higher and better day to fly, fly that has been longing for, but never reach places never touched to.The higher the mind, people can stand higher, people will be higher.  Live, on the way.Where there is life, never-ending pursuit also certainly.To keep this feeling of life and should never stop.  How beautiful perfect?do not know!But we are more willing to approach it.Like day, always so worth looking up to for a look at people, when it was hit it?  After each of wait and see, if you have the head piece of the sky to see it more transparent?

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