Heaven into the earth to love you

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They often show emotion too fast time goes by, it seems not yet begun to enjoy the youth, the youth had to say goodbye.But Wang Jing with her peers but never felt old, she wore eighteen girls dare to wear clothing, with the most handsome man appointments, visiting the most exclusive nightclub, she was like a fire, wherever it would flames everywhere.One of the most Mensao woman to woman, and one of the most Chromic became best friends, and even what the show is also very strange.She asked Wang Jing.Wang Jing said, what is so strange, the company, the oldest you my youngest, is an alternative.Ho Sau laughing.Surrounded by the company after a group of 90 girls, two young women are no longer naturally became similar, not so much girlfriends, as it is in the same boat right.Wang Jing is also reflected in the wonderful work she has incredible taste in men.In addition to company executives, male colleagues saw her run, she is a fairy curse behind it.She seemingly carelessly, Raunchy mouth to come, but you have to think she is a very casual woman wrong.Her most despised and feared once let a male colleague in her room Jiudiankaifang waited three hours long wait but the result was another male colleagues.She always hated people, but then could not help but be hated dreams.What show do know that her heart is lonely, only a lonely soul can toss out so many tricks, she was free and easy just to cover up the emptiness inside of it, she was better than anyone eager to find a home.It shows the reason why so much about her, but also because of his loneliness and emptiness.No matter what a woman, lived thirty, all alone in this mega-cities in the hope to live without, we will have this mentality.Not long ago, Wang Jing has experienced a disappointment in love, she was in pain and on about how he how to love the man, but he was only as a game.It does not bother to show reason to intervene.Wang Jing almost an average of once every two months will be falling out of love, each will lose, but the next day will roam into a new love.I want to eat sweet and sour pork ribs.Wang Jing showing his white teeth fiercely say, I want that grandson in his mouth, bite smashes.If they do not show how migrant workers, is likely to have become home to a small town in a small hotel proprietress and chef.Her self-taught cook any dishes seem fancy as it will make it again, so that after each lovelorn Wang Jing will take the opportunity to ask her cuisine.After work, I went to the subway.The company in Shanghai to the south, where the show live in the north of Baoshan, she must spend an hour twice a day to take the subway through half the city.Metro is a very magical place, so many strangers are gathered here, I had never in contact with because crowding and close contact, and later became wrong over the shoulder of a stranger.This fun Wang Jing is not the experience, she rented in the vicinity of the company, ten minutes’ walk to the.As a result, in the subway after work for a sudden influx of crowds, with what show she had got separated.He is not worried about the show that she would get lost.As she returned home baked sweet and sour pork ribs, Wang Jing came, with a look of strange, a door straight stared at her, said: I’m in love.After Wang Jing got separated with what show, there is a thief stealing her things have been found.But the thief was not afraid, change to rob steal.Wang Jing large motions on others, this time to a number of screeners 3356, took the hands of thieves knife, subdued him.3356 is not only a pair of legs, as well as a good-natured smile, when you see him, Wang Jing heart is like to be something to hit a bit, thump thump racing.Such a long knife Well, he’s a hero than hero movie.Wang Jing gestures length of the knife, intoxicated Generally speaking, you do not know, when I suddenly smelled the breath of spring flowers.He shows, forgive my sister can not accompany you keep a single.She showed the palm of your hand, the palm of your hand is a phone number.He laughed show that you soak way too skilled a man.He laughed very sad show.Who does not know, she was half an hour earlier to go to work every day, it is to miss the rush hour, in order to observe the 3356 from all angles.She remembers very clearly, appears in the first three months of 3356 is a checkpoint, it is indeed makes one feel looks pleasing to the eye of man, tall and handsome, but it will not make people have a sense of distance.She did not know why they would pay attention to him, love him?How is this possible, three months they did not say a word of it.However, Wang Jing took only three minutes, got his phone.In the evening, where the show a lot to drink.Wang Jing scared, say you wait, and so I am happy, and certainly to introduce you to the best man.He said the show: My mother called here, let me back home to open a restaurant with a small blind boss.2 A few days later, during lunch time, Wang Jing excitedly took what the show went to a nearby restaurant company.Here, where the show was surprised to find waiting for them it is actually 3356.3356 called Guthrie.Guthrie said the day off, just received a telephone Wang Jing, came over to sit up.Chat, Guthrie’s story is beginning to emerge.He is also a city that millions of people are wandering, originally imprisoned in the subway company, because the company engage in image projects, executives believe that his smile is very good, they transferred him to do it screeners.The face of numerous people coming and going every day, he laughed Zuidou cramps, felt very lonely.This is the first time he received because of this work and understanding of people’s phone, he was very warm, at least, he knows this city as there is a lonely man like him.He said the show: No, it is two.Guthrie laughed.Have to admit, they really visionary director, his smile with a natural affinity, Dead Poets Society in general, people can not prepare.But what they seem to see the show, his smile and smile with a trace of helplessness, perhaps all those who are wandering in common can not hide.So, for us three lonely people Cheers.Guthrie said toast.Drink beverages, but show what product out the taste of wine.The road back to the company, Wang Jing teeth, said firmly: for him, I at all costs.

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