Heaven is very lonely basketball court

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Ponytail girl to a long hot summer pass without incident, Zhou Lu looked at himself white to almost pathological arm, eventually holding the basketball, put on a pair of new shoes to go out.Although his game in general.    The next afternoon, weeks have been very stuck on the road.He was sent to defend the Soviet Union ear, wearing a high ponytail that beautiful girl, but each time, agile girls can be in several consecutive cheesy fake Akira beautifully past.The rare Once or twice week road stand under the basket jumped up when the lid is always a hot pot off the hands of the Soviet spike balls.    The world’s only you and me this day, the clouds with impunity to put up the whole sky were pale black curtains, the wind blew the whole city should fly.After school, everyone birds scattered to the school gate to go pro, only weeks road, still stands in the basketball to the lonely walk.    Boom!Boom!Boom!Seeing the eleventh and the ball will fall into the basket with the avalanche of heavy rain when a slender hand abruptly appeared over his head.The ball is shot far out.Ponytail high beam from the girls watched Chow surprised lips, playful smile: a man playing what does that mean, I’m not welcome to join it?    Susui Ming bright eyes dull moment in this world seems to unite all the glory.The boys almost afraid to look, he hung his head slightly: that, it is necessary heavy rain.    Carter, a bolt of lightning between clouds blooming, heavy rain poured down.    Haha, what a wonderful, weather, geography, and, all together,.Su Zhou Sui cleanly ever copied a road in the hands of the ball, vast world, the whole world seems to be on the left of him, and a girl named Sue spike.    June’s heavy rain two people thin body wrapped as chilled iron, but clearly felt the circumferential road, the position of the left chest, there is warmth, is surging.    Yuanyang Crazy summer came on the pitch.We were surprised to find, when the lunch break, empty plastic shadow of the basketball court, not one, but two of the.    Ball in the hands of?After being shot twice Sui Fei Su Zhou Road, good and angry, funny, he said: girl, you sure you do is to play basketball?If you aim the basketball court only a brushed my balls.Girls proudly Knut mouth: This is a small Correctional big Commandments.    Sixteen years old girl in profile, is held the sun-baked became uniform Honey, but clean, dynamic, charming.Chow Leng Leng looked at, there is a short absence.Moment, only smiled, rubbed her hair a mess.Unconsciously, they have been so intimate.    The boys are on the road this week to steal the practice is hated, so play the game that they will put Su Zhou Road and at different points of the team spike.Su Sui, withheld the ball to Zhou Road, it is still, as always, spare no effort.Zhou road watched, my heart pulsing with sudden sadness soft, his right hand clutching the basketball, suddenly could not lift.That day, when Su Suifei fast Strip dodge ball, a feint to throw the ball to the circumferential road when the road Zhou has not had time to react, I felt his heart sank, then back out to the whole person.We were shocked, five seconds later, a devastating burst of laughter.Zhou Road, was surprised to be thrown over a girl’s turn to hit the ball in the court!    Southland fall without you after that day, the relationship between the road and Su Zhou ear or continue to close, they do duty together, eat together, slowly climbing in the third year report card.Just weeks way, and the Soviet Union no longer go with spike basketball court, no matter how tempted Su Sui.    Apricot birch leaves decadent spread out on the streets of the Qing Mei water.Chow know, cold autumn southern stunning sad, really come.    That day, week road against the empty school building rooftop, rather abruptly, a cans rolled his feet.Su Sui wearing only a thin sweater jacket, an empty beer can in his hand, cheeks shiny carmine.She crouched in front of Zhou Road Oh smile: Zhou Road, I tell you something, oh.Today, the United States a basketball club to China to recruit people, they chose me, you said I do not go?    Zhou did not speak Road.    Northern Hemisphere over the age of 18 to have butterflies in the spring, just as it passed.19-year-old in the summer, quietly came.    Su ear to the United States in its second year.That day, she received a notice, sports clubs to send representatives to a nearby hospital to visit patients.    He walked into the hospital, passing a ward, and Sue ear heard popping sound Cui Xiang.Go back, a patient is scrambling to crouch down, want to pick up glass fragments on the ground, but helpless, how hands lose control, accidentally, they drew a hole, bright red blood bead rolled out.    Su spike went over to help him put the pieces packed.Thought, t-shirt from the personal pocket, pulled out a yellow scarf, carefully help him wrap up, I called pretty bow.    Wearing big masks, rickets in the back of the patient shaking hands and touched the bow, and then, slowly, feebly, leaning on the couch.    An instant, it would only pale, slender hand like a roar of light, illuminating the memory of the Soviet Union spike in the most intimate part.Her heart suddenly thin thick to hurt them.    You she hurriedly looked up, the patient just went the other hand, weird, wrinkled, atrophic hands up, dry out like a flower.    Oh, Su wrinkled his nose spike, self-deprecating smile.How could he do?He should now be walking halfway around the world the other side of the university campus, and white girls with quiet good, bright eye-catching wind and water.    At St. Mary’s Hospital in white background, nineteen-year-old Su Sui wavefront glittering smile, smile with a smile, then laughing, tears.    She gently out of the room, totally did not notice, behind slowly open her eyes and looked at the man’s back, tears running down his eyes torrential down.    Time fell back two years ago, the day the sun is beautiful golden yellow.Zhou then under way in the warm sun rise, but only feel sad.    Said on condition diagnostic single hospital, he died of a strange disease, the muscles will slowly begin to shrink, until one day, hands and feet had no strength to even move.    Why was a Soviet sphere of Zadao spike in court?Why do not you love with girls run in the bright plastic stadium?Why not reach out and ask her to stay?    Because I really love you.If you can life safe, happy to go on the road, that I love, really insignificant.    Out the window the sun, such as water, golden northern hemisphere slowly changing with her beautiful shot from the side.Across the oceans came to St. Mary’s Hospital for treatment of peripheral road, bird watching beautiful yellow butterfly on a finger, I remember a long time ago, fifteen years old that summer, hot and sweet.    A year later, the rain-soaked evening, drenched boy, gently, the piece never depart from his heart, but also with a body temperature of scarves, put the girl in the hands of the same across the whole body wet.    Butterfly quietly stay in the teenage years entrance, winds, and flew away quietly.

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