Heaven or hell, just in your own

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This article is the American oil magnate Rockefeller wrote a letter to his son.    Dear John: There is a fable very mean, let me have mixed feelings.That fable said: In ancient Europe, one person died, came to a wonderful place.He had just stepped into the patch of paradise, there are people who look like a waiter came over and asked him: Sir, do you have what it takes?Here all the delicacies, all possible entertainment and a variety of entertainment, many of them young beauty, can spoil you.    After listening to this man, I felt a little surprised, but secretly delighted: This is not what I dreamed of thing in this world!He all day tasting of dishes for all, at the same time enjoy the beauty of taste.However, one day, he felt Suoranfawei all this, so he said to the waiter: I am so tired of all this, I need to do something.You can find a job for me to do it?    He did not expect, the answer is shaking his head: I’m sorry, my husband, it is only here that we can not do for you.There is no work can give you.    The people are very depressed; angrily waved, said: This is really too bad!I simply stay in the hell good!    You think that what you do?The waiter said gently.    John, this humorous fable, seems to tell me: losing a job means losing happiness.But regrettably, some people have to after unemployment, in order to appreciate this point.It is really unfortunate!    I am proud to say that I have never tasted the taste of unemployment; I am not good luck, and that I do not bring no fun to work as hard labor, was able to find infinite joy.    I think that work is a privilege, it brings more than a living thing.Work is the source of all prosperity, is also a talented shapers, it makes the young and enthusiastic, and the most humble savings that out, lay the foundation for happiness.Work is to add life taste of salt.But people have to love it, to work in order to give the greatest favor, to get maximum results.    When I first entered the business, often heard, a lot of people who want to climb to the peak requires sacrifice.However, the passage of time, I began to understand that a lot of people being climbed the peak, is not paying the price.They work hard because they love the work.I loved the work, naturally succeed.    But some people apparently are not smart enough, they have ambitions, but then work too picky, always looking for the perfect job or employer.The fact is that employers need to work on time, honest efforts of employees, he will only pay and opportunities for advancement for those who extra effort, especially loyal, exceptionally enthusiastic, employees spend more time doing things, because he is running a business, instead of doing charity, he needs to be more valuable to those who.    I’ll never forget the experience I do first job as a bookkeeper, although when I have to go to work every day at dawn, while the office of whale oil lamps lit and very dark, but the job never let me I feel boring, but very fascinating to me and joy, all the red tape do not let me lose enthusiasm for it.The result is always the employer continues to pay for me.    Revenue is only a by-product of your work, you do the right thing, well done you should do, is bound to be the ideal salary.But more importantly, the highest reward of our toil, is not that we have obtained, but that we will become what.Those who mind active hard labor is not only to make money, to make them work ethic to be sustained than something more noble desire to only know how to collect money they are engaged in a fascinating career.    Work is an attitude that determines our happiness or not.Also masons are also sculptures in stone, if you ask them: What are you doing here?One of them might say: Well you see, I’m cutting stone, chisel finish this I can go home.Such people always regard work as punishment, a word in his mouth and spit out the most is tired.    Another person might say: Well you see, I’m doing statue.This is a very hard work, but the reward is high.After all, I have a wife and four children, they need food and clothing.Such people always regard the work as a burden in his mouth and spit out the phrase is often the breadwinner.    Third person could put down the hammer, proudly pointing to the stone say: Well you see, I’m doing a work of art.Such people always be proud of the work, to work for the music in his mouth and spit out most of this work is meaningful sentence.    Heaven and hell by their own construction.If you give the meaning of work, regardless of the size of the work, you will feel happy, self-setting performance regardless of the level, will have fun.On the contrary, any simple things will become difficult, boring, when you cried this tiring work, even if you do not Maili Qi, you will feel exhausted.    John, if you view work as a pleasure, life is heaven; if you view work as a duty, life is hell.    Love your father

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