Heaven there is no car to drive to?

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Part One: heaven there is no car to drive to?  ”September sky, vaguely clear, the sun slowly brewing for many stories.Car to drive to the car to drive to.”This is Zhang Heng years ago, an old song,” Heaven has no car to drive to, “a song now sounds when will naturally think of Yue Yue in Foshan, Guangdong has just hit the road.  According to reports: October 21, “the evening of 13 in the 2 year-old girl run over by two cars in succession Foshan” event Yue Yue, hospital to rescue invalid, 32 separate world in at 0:00 on October 21, 2011.This news the past few days have been concerned about this matter that people feel extremely sad.Know the news, my mind first is to see emerge from the rescue scene when a small Yue Yue in the video, the attendant will be reminded of the Zhang Heng’s “heaven there is no car to drive to,” This is the first lyrics.”Monologue: she loved to sing a little girl, I was naive to say: teacher, please send me a song?”Once the little girl on a thirteen years old school boy carrying a bag, and a small Yue Yue is only two years old, have not seen what it is school?  So many people have not listened to it again has been depressed and cried, and I’m a song which of the Zhang Heng.I know that behind each song touching song, there is a true story, the author’s personal experience as words, only the song of birth.I know of Li Chen’s “window” Jackie Chan’s “life and death”, Zuhai the “who” behind the lyrics and so has a touching story.Zhang Heng’s “heaven there is no car to drive to,” too, in plaintive tells a true story: a beautiful and intelligent girl, born to have a fascination for music.Her music teacher in order to cultivate the child, for her every Sunday school alone.This has been a long established formula, every Sunday that time, the teacher can hear that sweet voice: “Teacher, open the door.”!Suddenly one day, the teacher did not hear the familiar knock on the door at this time.Time is of the past, the little girl has not appeared!The teacher had a feeling of what he hurried down the stairs to go.Just to hear a few people talking about what a car accident thing, he said to be a girl in trouble.The teacher ran frantically in accordance with the little girl often walk the line, far to see a group of people around the scene of a car accident.The teacher separated from the crowd, he saw a familiar red bag and worried pool of blood.Therefore, the song “Heaven has no car to drive to,” the song was born.  ”September sky, vaguely clear, the sun slowly brewing for many stories.”This word let me think of little Yue Yue.It is a coincidence?In September, the small Yue Yue incident of October 13 is the Lunar New Year on September 17, while the small Yue Yue passed away October 21 is the Lunar New Year September 25.The same thing also happened, Handan accident occurred October 14 (lunar calendar September 18), a junior high school girl to end their lives; Luding County, Sichuan occurred October 20 (lunar calendar September 24) a car accident, a year-old child died after being crushed.Brewing under the September sky story is the car to drive it to the children to bring disaster?  ”September sun is gently illuminated her sweet smile,” today the September sun illuminated smile sweet but never less than a small Yue Yue!Irradiation is her lying on the cold zone, people are being walked to the legend of paradise.Perhaps they should live angels in heaven, the angels in relation to where there is no cold, enjoying the warmth of love!Yue Yue incident triggered social phenomenon shocking indifference, little life, teach the world a lesson on the great.People are calling the good of humanity, refused to indifference.However, Rome was not built in a day.In this era of what we call the time to prove that this subject has been calling for more and more away from us.This call is not, because of the small Yue Yue’s one thing to start, however, we can not call this as a moment of emotion and the line.This is the call of the soul, which is the love of devotion, such a call should be the same as we usually eat and dress, long stick.Really I do not want to return to the era of Lu Xun “blood bread” in.  History of five thousand years of Chinese civilization, for we have accumulated a lot of valuable spiritual and cultural wealth, such as the work of Confucianism, Taoism man, Buddhist cultivation of the mind, etc., as long as we believe there will be a on a compassionate person, Habitat for Humanity heart, heart salvation.”Mencius on King Hui of Liang” wrote: “little children.”China has always been to care for the young people known for, however, China’s traditional culture, under the impact of modern culture, become vanished.Moral Degeneration, devoid of conscience, Rome was not built in a day cold, all the money, the nature of society worships money.Occur in the body of a small Yue Yue tragedy is an extreme cruelty, extreme bloody way, he told us: moral sick, people heart, and the system is sick, very sick.To cure this disease, the need is tackling the problem from top to bottom.  This day and age, among people not because of social progress and become more and more indifferent, this is an indisputable fact.Apathy has become a habit, accustomed to cold person, like a ruthless cold-blooded animals, away from human nature.Indifference is a double edged sword, to hurt others when there is always injured himself.Yue Yue’s departure, her soul awakens millions of people’s mental clouding!Yue Yue’s not just the loss of life but our conscience every spectator.The stars of “reject indifference, warm you and I”, the folk-sponsored public projects “against apathy” and other advocates have appeared in the network.However, the good people, ah, do not always after the accident, blame everything, I start from the side you warm.Doing good deeds without asking for reward!Yue Yue on this matter, I strongly recommend the little Yue Yue events compiled language teaching materials into the article, so that people in the recollections of small Yue Yue, so that people “reject indifference, warm you and me,” the call, the arouse people’s conscience and conscience.  That sunny September afternoon, she was relentless flood of cars flooded city.Yue Yue’s experience affects millions of people’s hearts, concerned about her people through a variety of ways to express a small Yue Yue’s blessing and prayer.However, the small Yue Yue in the struggle with the death of eight days, was gone.Yue Yue is gone, this is only two years old girl, has not yet had time to flower in full bloom, there is no better taste of the world, gone.Yue Yue gone to see the information of the Internet, I silently pray in my heart lit a candle for the small Yue Yue, I hope this faint candle can illuminate her road to heaven!Wang Yue small wish all the best!Heaven no car to drive to, no worldly heaven, in heaven there is no cruel and cold, how thin is not human, gossip, and that quiet place in the river flowing, white place that destiny without direction.Today should be a small Yue Yue away on the third day, could not bear to see the flowers of this innocent life wither, rainy late autumn, Yue Yue is gone.God say ruthless, merciless God tears today, because of the small Yue Yue really gone.Listening to “heaven there is no car to drive to,” This is the first poignant song, I felt a hint from the heart never had a chill.”May children high night long, the air blowing aroma fate.My dear child what is auspicious?There is no car to drive inside God’s light?”Little Yue Yue, all the way!    Part II: heaven there is no car to drive to I do not believe in heaven, but after the dust storms of autumn, I prefer to believe that there really is a heaven.  That filled the sand autumn day, listening to the rain clear idea hurried away, went to another world go by. – order that sad occasion, years of branches, flowers are brilliant one died instantly, looking for the scenery queue became a grief views.Withered flowers perched soul in heaven, became the family’s missing persons.Former friends, far apart.Nightlife net you have left the Red, long and lonely night.Banzhan dim lights, solitary watch clear, keep looking at the sky.  Former laughter hovering in the sky, beautiful eyes, straight through the chest.Ma’am, boundless grief.Kneeling month to pray, may meet again?  Tears writing oration, plaintive at the heart burning lake.Smoke filled the air, filled with sad.  Flower soul sorrowful feelings of mortal, with thoughts of heaven, from outside the horizon, journey Yunlu appointment.  Obviously right close, but it was brutally broken bridge separating the two sides!  Yan Liu heartbroken yo pain.Make life difficult for the river, flowing more than a steady stream of tears Acacia.  Bridge over there, the souls of flowers gently Qi Su: We have not left, you are looking at every day.Look at the house before the small flowers that bloom, flower in the dew is the tears we miss you.Attached to the fragrance of flowers, climbing over fences through the glass on the windows, floated into the room, tears in their eyes blown your sleeping, your dreams, dreams.Dear Haruko, we really miss you.Side of the bridge, lovestruck Rye trance heard the familiar voice, saw the hazy graceful figure.Tibet as a breeze, as quiet as the moment the wave ‘.Ah, dear Haruko, you’re back?Ecstatically hugged familiar figure, tightly hug into the arms of fear and separation of the moment.Former warm, tempting in a dream.Know about this?Know about this?  The days of wandering in the grief of torture, the heart swaying in the blood of the hour.You can not be replaced, can not be replaced!Health care across the world continue to this friendship, let us always accompanied it yin and yang!  According to the souls of flowers tears in the warm embrace, memories hung wind chimes shutter, missing traces, silent tenderness.Do not go!Do not go!  Sentimental season, trapped in August cursed.Catcher in the depths of the dream woke up, Yingying a water Limbo comes a lengthy away.To follow to retain cloud, leaving only the souls of flowers poignant Review.  This countless spirits of the dead, quiet and tranquil life in heaven, I think there will be a paradise of white clouds of it!There will be flowers and trees, right child!There will be trouble butterfly Yan Dance!There will be grass, birds fly!You will also have bridges!Million times I pray, heaven certainly no car, no certain!  The soul is torn painfully toward heaven shouting: Haruko, happy Mid-Autumn Festival!Heaven there is no car to drive to.Part three: heaven there is no car to drive to the Preamble: Some words can not not say some words to speak out silence is not dead, broke “the train bound for the kingdom of heaven” in silence turn the rain has my blood with back to the earth, this is my native land fertility.  Please forgive me, I had a chance to grow up.  Although, I also dreamed of nation-building.  However, I can not blossom and bud from the soil.  Train which took me to heaven?  Mom and Dad, what are you?  I am not afraid, I can not be an angel?  Let other children grow up safe play happy.  —- 7 Mourning.23 motor car accident in the early hours of the martyrdom of the children, I can not sleep soundly.  Accidentally browse to the Internet made this microblogging, especially to read this sentence, “Please forgive me, I had a chance to grow up”, my heart could not help trembling a bit, does not seem to own tears, there was no need sensational, it quietly slipped down the cheeks.Because seem to remember the same sentence so straightforward language, at that time irresistible big natural disaster three years ago comes, I have also had a netizen wrote in a poem this one, then I was crying , tears.But I think, at that time, only tears of sorrow and sadness.More lamented that “ill-fated, prosperous disaster.”But today is today, in addition to tear this sad, sad, doping in more anger and anxiety.  These days, the vast land of China, the flying are 1.3 billion people in tears; these days, north and south, the flying are 1.3 billion people questioned; these days, both inside and outside the Great Wall, the flying 1.3 billion people are angry.  Let us re-examine some of the people both before and after the accident some of the things it.  beforehand.  July, Ninetieth Anniversary of the establishment of the Communist Party of China.The same day, remarkable so many Chinese people proud of the world’s longest, fastest, most technologically advanced of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway.I did not half a month, frequent accidents.  July 23 afternoon, that is, three hours before the accident, the Ministry of Railways chief engineer of high-speed rail Huawu chief architect of an academic who spoke in Sichuan, said the Chinese high-speed rail safety is reliable, I believe the time being.  Things in.  Shortly after the accident the train, working nearby a few workers left the hands of the living, braved the dark, dripping with mud, was the scene rescue.  Train shortly after the 3115 passenger train’s 10 carriages Bao always good and a few young passengers with assistance of its passengers to get off.After seeing the passengers almost is finished, pick up the phone to take a picture.A diminutive man asked him: “I was the driver of this car, you are not trying to knock my job, ah, I’m sorry you where the?”Accident next day, when the top leaders said, at six in the afternoon or evening in order to reopen the line, then reclined carriage viaduct on the way, dozens of tons of forklift necessary to rescue it up.But just a few ordinary soldier’s insistence that only a few dozen centimeters in space rescued a girl named only two and a half terms Wei Iraq.  afterwards.  Ministry of Railways spokesman Wang Yongping in a news release on the 24th, the reporter was asked many times, why would you want to rescue the car, also rescued the people, he said after a life detector probe, the car no signs of life, said still alive is a miracle.And repeatedly asked: “Do you believe it?Anyway, I believe.”As one person in the CCTV” News 1 + 1 “, said:” I want to believe in more than a month ago, but now I can not believe, can not believe.”I can not believe, can not believe.Can you believe it?Advertised the world’s most advanced technology, the most secure protection of the train, even rear-end.Flaunt people-oriented society, even in an accident less than twenty-four hours has stated that the car did not signs of life.Billed based on the facts, we must restore the truth of the society, to rescue cars, armed police cordoned off the area.  I can not believe, can not believe.Can you believe it?After the accident, migrant workers in the rain to rescue the wounded, and the brothers say it was my job to hit you right?After the accident, some good leadership take this air-conditioned car peace of mind of a media interview, talking about this is because of lightning caused electrical problems.What a lightning strike problem, it is difficult to Europe and Japan, then there is no wind and rain yet?After the accident, held a news conference at the scene, the spokesman went so far as to talk about a lot of noises that leadership instruction, the leadership instructions, do you believe he is the spokesman, I think he was the spitting image of a product spokesperson of.  I can not believe, can not believe.Can you believe it?Could have been even withdrawal of two and a director of scheduling long, it shows a little gesture accountable, but had always enabled immediately dispatch the Jinan Railway accident was handled long as the Secretary, because of its good schedule in the original post, or deal with incidents profession?I still great country talent shortage?Could have been the original of Railways Liu Zhijun sacked, reveals a little insider collusion, but soon the Ministry of Communications “several recent bridge accident, most serious offense related to overloading,” innocuous, feeble verbal disguise without a trace.  I believe, and I am confident.On the day that some so-called experts did not sit D301 train.Otherwise, there is no chance he was still boring meeting audacity to show off high-speed rail technology class, catch up with world.  I believe, and I am confident.The group is the life force, facing the loess every day, and rush back into the air in the first seconds of the rescue of migrant workers brother is definitely mud bowl, rather than iron rice bowl.  I believe, and I am confident.High monopoly, closed high, almost independent kingdom of the industry, will make the benefits of fishing fattened a group of people.  I believe, and I am confident.Looking at the list of victims of multiply every day, how to look like a little list of public busing Teller, a picture of a fresh face in the moment, in that moment gone, your heart is not uncomfortable, you the eyes do not cry?  I believe, and I am confident.People are the meat long, which one is someone else’s son, which one of the elders or the others are going to become someone else’s elders.  I believe, and I am confident.Life is not so much “miracle” so many “anyway, I believe.”So many” leaders indicate “.I believe, and I am confident.Things will restore the truth, you can never be bleached black, white and never snow.  A natural disaster accident, (for the time being named natural disasters accident, because working on the above investigation) how there will be so many do not believe that and believe?  A natural disaster accident, even killed forty (official figures released by the authority) father, mother, sons and daughters of the innocent people of human life.When Yiyi their parents grow up to write the log, they certainly laughing, not knowing how much planning for her bright future it.  Today’s society has really changed, the truth of the leadership announced above, why do not believe it below civilians.If you say ninety-nine the truth, a lie to say one day that your ninety-nine truth, is no good.Like a child my mother told us the story of the wolf, like when the wolf really came that day, people will not believe that you have to eat it alive by wolves!  China, please stop your flying footsteps, wait your people, your soul wait, wait your moral, wait your conscience!Do not list derailment, do not collapsed bridges, not Sudan, melamine do not, do not lean.  Mother, please stop your flying footsteps, wait your children right!I just want to play happy in your arms, grow up safe, happy life.Since then, heaven no car to drive.  (September sky, vaguely sunny.  Many of the stories in the sun, slowly brewing.  Car to drive to the car to drive to thirteen years old girl carrying a bag to go to class in the afternoon the wind gently flowing child, you do hear the sound of one kind of car to drive to the car to drive to the end, you see angels flying high on children, very long night air blowing direction of the fate of the dear child, what is auspicious car to drive to the light you have no God told me your dead father you say you dream often seen his father I come, Dad, I come take my little hand, you do not get too sad child, your bag in my chest you say you like school, like classroom hurry you go, hurry you go that world you to study hard, every day children month high, not long night the child was asleep, I sing for you, you found your father that distant place no car to drive toward that quiet place, flowing river in that white place fate without direction) is willing to deceased rest in peace, living blessing.  Postscript: write in this life missed four o’clock, Listening to the familiar song, tears constantly welling.

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