Heavy penalties for drunk driving is not enough (outside a)

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Inadequate penalties for drunk driving since April 1, the new rules “road traffic safety violations points will” get down to business in the implementation of national unity, compared with the previous practice, as long as driving a motor vehicle after drinking will be “a one-time deduction 2 points, “the punishment has increased, but I believe that efforts still have enough.  ”A one-time deduction of 12 points,” but the scope of traffic laws, nothing to do with criminal responsibility, deducted 12 points do not revoke Jiazheng, but a temporary void, as long as a few days to learn theory, it has returned to a normal state Jiazheng, then up to the penalty spot money, this is just a reminder to focus on the way, the effectiveness of thin, not enough shock, drunk driving ills.  ”A one-time deduction of 12 points,” the premise is busted, only measure the alcohol content site to the imposition of penalties, like speeding the “electronic eyes” may be shot as intuitive grasp, especially in the current situation of limited police can not do dispatched to always, always set up card, check to cover some of drunk driving who will have a “Maybe you can not catch me,” the chances select remediation weaker periods drunk driving on the road or route.  So I believe, not only to strengthen penalties for drunk driving means, but also to “all four” and “one-time deduction of 12 points” and other related remediation drunk driving way to combine the implementation of multi-pronged approach, some of the circumstances for serious, serious consequences, the implementation of “zero tolerance” is the development and implementation of “drunk driving offenses” were driving ban for life or life imprisonment for drunk driving bad habits such ills would come to the punch, and take drastic action in order to eradicate the.    Government and enterprises jointly create beautiful towns recently, under the leadership of the town to seek support seeking industrial park, county government to seriously implement the arrangements for the deployment of comprehensive management of urban and rural environment, and is located in the town area of the plan to seek mine joined forces, work together to build and create beautiful towns.  Coal mining town to seek close cooperation plan, at no expense to more than 40 million out of the town to seek oil transit roads were resurfaced, seek out the town a lot of manpower and resources to strengthen the construction site quality management, strict quality control, work together to promote the progress of the construction period, with comprehensive Creating beautiful towns inspection welcome to contribute money to work together to contribute to the comprehensive management of urban and rural environment.A transit road in the past has changed the kind of bumpy, rugged, wind Yang dust, rain mud all the way, the car had room suffer, pedestrian traffic unsafe harsh environments.  Today, with paved roads crossing flat spacious houses on both sides of the road to look more beautiful, the safety of pedestrians and vehicles to get the appropriate protection, in particular, dust the surface of the river next to the road disappeared, greatly reducing the environment pollution, like government and enterprises joined forces, not only to change the environment to each other to create a win-win situation, but also for the benefit of the people side, the experience is worth promoting learning method.

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