Heavy rain patriotism

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These days, patriotism themed evenings preparations are gong drum close to ready, the teams are past men working to this end, promote patriotism is one of the main tasks of our countryside, but also our “Xingyuan” social practice squad a major feature.Rain in the rhythm of the ground, this two-day afternoon classes of a “Greater China” reverberates throughout the whole school, it seems to rain, wind annihilation in the song.Singing loud and clear that they cry for the motherland, but also respect for their homeland.A group of one “would be no new China without the Communist Party” is their memory of the Communist Party, but also their full recognition and affirmation Ninety anniversary of the founding of the, ah, China, bless you, you are always in my heart; China, blessing you do not have one thousand words and Wanyu.Five-star red flag fluttering in the wind on a flagpole in the air, and then a big rain water can not destroy our hearts blazing patriotism! Eighteen spirit of the party re-emphasized the patriotism as the core national spirit, is ah, in the long history of the Chinese nation, patriotism is patriotism means an individual or collective kind of “homeland” of positive and supportive attitude.Here the “homeland” may be a region or city, but patriotism is generally used for a particular country or federal.That patriotic love for the motherland, and directly reflects the motherland compatriots, directly reflects the state is power, and the country is not the same country.Citizens should love their motherland, loyal to the state should own citizens.This is the root cause of Sun Yat-sen, pioneer He Ziyuan other revolutionary overthrow the Manchu dynasty, established the Republic of China, but is still revered as patriots.Yixing number changing, that the subjugation; cultural genocide, that the death of the world.”The rise and fall, everyone is responsible”.Culture is immortal, the immortal China.Patriotism is the love of culture, which is the guardian of traditional Chinese culture. However, due to bad weather, heavy rain continuously for a whole day did not stop, patriotic party was delayed, but patriotism as the core national spirit has long been seared in our hearts, willing patriotic theme can be carried out smoothly, willing “Star source” of teaching activities can be ignited after Poe elementary school!

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