Regardless of her face Pengci invalid!The referee should not have angered the league boss

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  Beijing March 20, NBA regular season to continue fighting, Knight sits at home Quicken Loans ushered challenge Bucks, final they beat opponents 124 to 117。 The game Le Blanc – James-29 16 get 40 points and 12 rebounds 10 assists in the data。   Before the game, James publicly complained about being treated unfairly, many times violated his opponents do not have a reasonable ring post。
Today's game against the Bucks, James again suffered unfair treatment。   After experienced several minor violations, in a defense, James fell suddenly burst into Bledsoe on the defensive when it is not timely input to attack, I saw what James called a time delay。 Slow motion Bledsoe hit a breakthrough at the time of awareness to men, James hit a slap on the face, the referee did not fine。 Pause came back, James seems to hold back a wave of air, his impact to the basket three times, seem to respond the referee ignored their。
  Section III in such a situation again, after James hit two consecutive three-pointers, James Huang played outside in the letter brother, then homeopathy jump shot, the referee did not whistle, is a three non-stick。
Slow motion shows the ball-letter Colombian has been relying on the body of James, it is an obvious foul, but the referee ignored。   James extended his hands very helpless, this time James could not, under direct attack to the basket, James completed a split button, followed by James wants is to break through the basket dunk, but was fouled。   When subjected to unfair penalty, James did not choose as no complaints, choosing instead to go with a stronger offensive in response to the referee, this is the real general demeanor。   (Yu Heng)。

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