Hebao Peony

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Peony Township, still circulating a story about the origins of peony Hebao.  According to legend, when clear, always already Caozhou peony flowers, but then did not charge peony bud.Caozhou peony flower named Zhao An Township of.Chun Rui daughter, the annual party eight, smart, handsome looks, is a very talent.She walks among the flowers, the flowers always bow to hide his face, ashamed ugly, people call her shame flowers.The girl is very hard-working, stay up late to get up early every day, ask watering weeding in the field, refurbishment squid, radius of dozens of people talk about spring core, they are blown away.  Chun Rui and the neighboring village youth Akio, fall in love, sincere love.During the day, a piece of work, talking and laughing ‘at night, among the flowers in May, pour infatuation, vows, water the same heart.  Accidents will happen, people have always happens.One day, spring core, Akio were in the field of labor, Caozhou official servants came before Ding.Akio tried to break free.Chun Rui also hard to stop, to no avail.Akio and a few guys in the village was captured.Chun Rui grief, desperately shouting.Burst into tears.Suddenly, incredibly hard, flush the birds.  Good pair of mandarin ducks is broken up, Chun Rui lost lover, feeling alone, day and night, I do not know too many little secret tears flow.How many sleepless nights, the girls face clear month, Chapman hand, looking forward to the return of their loved ones.However, in spring and autumn, and saw falling with the water to go back to see their loved ones around the house.  Later, Chun Rui table thoughts of love, resolved to embroider a Hebao, such as Akio come back and give him.So she cut Qiao Luo continued, selected wool, embroidered Hebao night, she faced solitary, embroidered side while singing: Aya left hand holding the right grip needles, yarn HTH newspaper reported.  Embroidered pair of mandarin ducks floating green, wreck does not fly deep affection.  Then embroidered phoenix opera Peony, riches and honor spring years.  Hebao small profound feelings, a Hebao a heart.  Girl puts all her heart and feelings are poured on Hebao, after a good Hebao embroidered, girl on his bosom, it firmly stick to their own warm heart.Such as single Akio back, presented to him, to spend the wedding night.  Who knows, in the spring of that year when Peony open, Caozhou prefect came to flower.See Rui has a spring flowers and the moon the appearance, beauties of capacity, will fly in vitro soul, Lisheng occupied Heart.The next day, they sent the prefect with a heavy bride price, came to marry.Chun Rui loyal love, rejected the spot, and will come derided the meal.  Prefect angry, Naken give up, not see the bride price to marry him, come to a midnight abducting.  In this one night.After the city to the officers and soldiers surrounded the home of Rui spring garden, spring from core material difficult to get out, they decided thrown into the garden of wells, 1 sentimentalism suicide morning, folks Taiwan Rui tears would spring out of the bodies recovered from the well, buried among the flowers in.  Three years later, Akio escape from a dangerous, day and night back home.However, he never thought of Spring Branch Rui has passed away, he frantically ran to the spring core grave, stamp cried and cried like rain, groaning earth, crying and even the trees black children also She stopped singing.  Akio between positive crying, Suddenly there is the slightest sound, looked outside to see the grave to grow an exotic flowers.This flower never seen a string of pink flowers, shaped like a lotus, very nice.After the villagers learned, have also came to watch.Everyone says this is the core Spring girl died grievances, especially to apparitions, to Akio sent Hebao.This would give everyone took played a name, called the lotus flower bud, later, also known as the Peony Hebao.In this way, a mass ten, hundred, from generation to generation.Therefore, peony village still circulating this loyalty pure love story.  (About Hebao Zhuang Dan.In the village there is a peony with different legends.According to legend,.There is a small township in the past peony flower.Wedding florist in Guangzhou next three days will go.Who would have thought a go no news.His wife day and night hope her husband to return one day to give him a seam vanilla Hebao hang up.Who knows to wait eighty end of life, and have not seen her husband back.When she was buried, folks read her husband’s infatuation, then let that string of incenses grass Hebao accompany the funeral.Unexpectedly, the next day the grave will grow a peony resembles Hebao.People said it was too old Hebao singled out, waiting for her husband to come back miles) ancient ‘city in southeast Los fields 200 miles, there is a state called Ruzhou, there is a small town west of the state.Under the name of temple.Here, surrounded by mountains, beautiful scenery, there is a wonderful customs: young men and women once the engagement, the woman must personally to the man sent a mandarin duck embroidered purse, of which the meaning is self-evident.If given child marriages, they have to get married by the sister of the woman’s home or neighborhood was going to have to send a generation of embroidery, as a lifelong keepsake.  The town lived a beautiful girl named Lady.Lady aryl eighteen, ingenuity, natural intelligence, superb embroidery fabric, especially the various floral patterns embroidered on the pockets, often provoke competing colonies of bees and butterflies above. The deep Forbidden.  Such a good girl, who propose marriage naturally racking threshold, but have been refused the girl eleven family.The original girl’s own love of man, the family is also the default.Unfortunately, the guy in exile beyond the Great Wall has two overload, no news, but did not get the purse.Lady day hope.Want every night, pining, they chatted for a month embroider a purse thoughts of love, and 11 branches hanging in the window of peony.Over time.Forming a purse string into a people say that the bicuculline.

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