Hebei spread myth of the New Year

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In the area of civil Handan, Hebei Province, spread myths about the New Year’s.  New Year, commonly known as Chinese New Year, people pay attention to folk festivals.Spring Festival couplets paste people, often cross-linking of the summer when the words written on the line.China’s lunar calendar, starting from the Xia Dynasty, so called lunar calendar.  Legend, summer Wangzhi Shi, good weather, peace and prosperity, people food and clothing, live and work, life can Hao Li!But then, I do not know how many years, I do not know to what dynasty, mess up the world.Sometimes dry days, and sometimes floods, sometimes strong winds, heavy rain and sometimes.Some people poor, some rich, some became rich, and some have become slaves.  That time, the village has a rich households, the family hired a few Mi Han (ie, permanent).One day, after dinner, people Jizao God.Small seek Han met, they quietly prayed, kneeling in front of the Kitchen: The Kitchen The Kitchen significant apparitions, overcast not clear, do not black out; size to a disease, life can not take it.I do not want to, just called rich man heard these words.Han left to find other small, rich man knelt and prayed in front of the Kitchen: The Kitchen The Kitchen significant apparitions, overcast on dark, dark to bright; to call him sick disease leisure, busy time not to make a living doing wrong.  At that time, the Kitchen God is asleep.Did not catch; stumbled remember overcast, sunny, rain, wind, disease, pain words, never forget in my heart.  Yuehua Jian, a year later, the twelfth lunar month 23 nights, deities should be heaven, to appear before the Jade Emperor, of course, I went to the Kitchen.He more than anyone else to have to have early, because his heart has been thinking about the rich Chinese seek and pray for something small.Seen the Jade Emperor, he said nothing he played: His Majesty the Emperor, Shen played little God one thing, the current world disorder of yin and yang, the storm disaster, people can not survive, should send a big hurry to go to God listened to the Jade Emperor governance, shocked: really mean?really.Do not leave?Do not leave.Thus, the Jade Emperor quickly lowered one that grows: when God would send a big job, to manage the daily life of folk.That grows a bit, you are immortal you look at me, I look at you, who also refused to Jiezhi.  At this moment.Suddenly I heard outside the South Gate, yell: the gods back, this job I’m doing it!Looked up, saw was a light head, chubby, shy with a paunch, a screwed up his eyes, laughing Maitreya’s deity.This broad minded Maitreya, a large measure, all day, enjoy the scenery outside the South Gate, also bored people trying to do something good, it automatically takes on this important task.  Says that this Maitreya came to earth, the first thing is to let people live in a happy, eat well, dress, and do not work.So, people will follow his wishes, every set will be on New Year’s foods, honest to busy open.Maitreya also specifies: XXIV sweep the house; twenty-five grind tofu; XXVI, steamed buns; xxvii, buy things; xxviii, kill the pigs; XXIX dozen wine; three ten, eat Bianshi.Meanwhile, we should all go to the deities, incense foil ingot, ready to complete.The new moon, which is the first day of the New Year, every family should play just before dawn, setting off firecrackers, dressed, congratulate each other, enjoy drink.While also visiting friends and relatives, grave worship this way, the world is really at peace.Jade Emperor poke cloud head, WWW.5aigushi.COM overlooking the world, a happy scene, my heart naturally pleased.Such A few days later, to the fifth day, at dawn, when there came a sound Noisy.The original is JiangTaiGong wife (people called her a dirty God, specifically to deal with latrine, dirt), is pregnant with Maitreya fight it.  It turned out that New Year’s Eve, when people ask of God, God forgot dirty.Her gas, however, we find Maitreya trouble.Maitreya smiles, then spoke just do not.This dirty air was wringing, Qiqiaoshengyan.Seeing things to become significant, Maitreya Buddha before he said: So be it!Today is the fifth day, then you get people to put a few guns, a bag of dumplings, spend it once!This is the origin of breaking five.  I do not want, which spread to several more guns Temple, the Jade Emperor was there playing chess, hear the cannons, thinking the world and what happened.It sent packed with colorful world view.Fortuna is a treasure in charge of the God of heaven.He came to earth and saw everywhere incense foil ingot, happy to forget back.  Jade Emperor also sent down to earth officer warehouse, warehouse officer is responsible for managing warehouse God.He saw every household filled with bread for incense, do not want to turn up.  Emperor also sent several angels, still no response.Said time has passed half a month, also finished under the Jade Emperor chess.He suddenly remembered the gods sent down a few did not come back, will personally look into the world.When he saw people dressed in brand-new brand-; eating meat plus rice flour, what living is not dry, was so angry, he summoned Maitreya shouted: I told you in charge of civil affairs of men, who told you to do make people eat well, dress, and not to live?Maitreya laughs and says: His Majesty pacified, you want me to pipe the people’s clothing, housing, and can not call me to let people work it!Word, to put to silence the Jade Emperor.I thought the Jade Emperor, also, since it has been so to do, have this year only once, after the spring will work in the fields.So, since then we left the old cases, once a year the Spring Festival.  After that fight, Maitreya can no longer return to the Nantianmen.Even today, in some monasteries, but also keep his statue.People say that this thing entirely to blame Maitreya, after all, he wanted to give people good things.Therefore, it is usual for him to pay his respects.

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