Lunar May 11 is what constellation

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Lunar May 11 Gemini.Gemini, an air sign, located on the third house of the zodiac ecliptic, date of birth for the Gregorian calendar 21 – June 21.Geminis biggest feature is fickle, they are always changing, always in pursuit of new things, giving a very unstable feeling, absent-minded when things often get smart.Gemini has a strong curiosity, like to continue to explore new things, the courage to try, the courage to challenge.They are always changing, do not like the monotonous life, the pursuit of exploration, others do not always bring fresh, very interesting constellation.  Gemini Gemini boys boys clever clever, articulate, like in the external things have a strong curiosity for everything new and exciting stuff around is filled with endless desire to explore, like to explore, like excitement.Humorous, glib, interpersonal like a duck.Gemini man is fickle, and therefore they get along, you have to adapt their fickle, can not be too careful, do not seem too blubber in front of the male twin, it will only speed up your footsteps he left.Do not try to change their character, to learn to appreciate his varied and share his every novel idea, with his wide range of interests.They do not like to be bound, do not like to be controlled, which triggers their psychological resistance, and they get along to give them enough freedom and privacy.  Gemini girls born twin girls a little cleverness, articulate good at conversation, and often take a lot of tricks, be smart and clever.In life, people feel they have a fearless courage, but also easy to make people think they do things heat for three minutes, to see the same love, there is no patience and qualitative.Such changing state, the Gemini girl is like a kaleidoscope, always make people see her true shape.We have two children, positive attitude to life, but in fact have a bright shining many illusions about the future, as well as full of longing and desire for the ideal.It can be said, ‘It was an exotic glamor girls. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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