Lunar May 17 is what constellation

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Lunar May 17 Gemini.Gemini, an air sign, date of birth for the May 21 – June 21, the third house is located in the zodiac, the mercurial personality of their greatest feature.Gemini people are very smart, and eyes above the top, arrogant, self-righteous often superior.This idea and attitude, always brings an unpleasant feeling to others.Often in unrestrained state, their great courage, but it is not as big as Mahathir Aries, they have a delicate egregious ordinary people, the mood is very easy to be around people infected.  Gemini men Gemini men for all things are full of curiosity, I like to explore, like excitement.Eloquent, humorous, glib, interpersonal like a duck.Gemini man is fickle, and therefore they get along, you have to adapt their fickle, can not be too careful, do not seem too blubber in front of the male twin, it will only speed up your footsteps he left.Do not try to change their character, to learn to appreciate his varied and share his every novel idea, with his wide range of interests.Gemini man is useful metrics, he likes you have a wider field of view, a richer idea, not just with him all day romantic romance, he will feel very boring, not to attempt to tie him.  Gemini girls born twin girls a little cleverness, articulate good at conversation, and often take a lot of tricks, be smart and clever.Two children, has a strong sense of curiosity, for all kinds of new things are filled with endless desire to explore.Life pursuit of constant change, people often think she mercurial personality conflicts.When dealing with the twin girls, always best to hold their own in a strong position in their relationship, not long Gemini girls love, mercurial, no love, persistence and perseverance, and grass is always greener.Gemini fact, the heart is not strong enough, they are afraid of being abandoned, a change of heart was afraid the other, fall in love with Gemini, the best way is to keep them so that they always feel the feelings of fear and trepidation, always afraid of losing you. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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