Lunar May 13 is what constellation

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Lunar May 13 Gemini.Gemini, an air sign, date of birth for the May 21 – June 21, in the third house of the zodiac ecliptic.Gemini has a strong curiosity, like to continue to explore new things, the courage to try, the courage to challenge, is very bold constellation.Often in unrestrained state, their great courage, but it is not as big as Mahathir Aries, they have a delicate egregious ordinary people, the mood is very easy to be around people infected.Gemini do not like the monotonous life, they are always changing, explore the pursuit, people do not always bring fresh, very interesting constellation.  Geminis biggest feature is fickle, they are always changing, always in pursuit of new things, giving a very unstable feeling.But Gemini and are born communicators, their tongue-class, articulate, often boast was elated others, for their good impression and more.Many people think that Gemini are polygamous, but emotionally they know what they want, once met the right people, they will definitely converge, and do better than others.Gemini can understand their desire for a mate, between love and pet, connivance between possession and can calibrate, allow them to have love and to be happy, that is their best choice.  Gemini is a three-minute heat names, things do not have the patience, very restless, restless bones with genes, like the challenge is not the same thing.And eyes above the top, arrogant, self-righteous often superior, this idea and attitude, always brings an unpleasant feeling to others.Gemini Simpleton, always not long memory.Insecurity, fear of loneliness Gemini, always eager to feel surrounded by friends, so often deceived and hurt, but they will soon forget the unhappy, do not hate others, belong to the wound is healed forget the pain when the wound after healing, they still have no brains to trust others, care for others. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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