Lunar May 19 is what constellation

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Cancer is a lunar calendar May 19.Cancer, a water sign, date of birth to the Gregorian calendar June 22 – July 22.Is the fourth house of the zodiac ecliptic, is the patron saint of Hera, is the mother of gods, which represents the Cancer born with paternal and maternal glory brilliant, very seriously their families and loved ones.It is ruled by the moon, the month wanes, like the moon in general, Cancer character is always volatile, emotional and very serious, they are sensitive fragile heart, but good-natured innocence, helpful, very gentle people close, maternal body light, so inspiring, always can not help but want to be near them.  Cancer people are very gentle, kind-hearted and sincere, kind and genial.But the drawback is that they are more sensitive and fragile, easily turn a dead end, lack of security, a lot of negative energy, and this energy will often bring people around.Their strong sense of self-protection, for other people’s good intentions do not believe that will hold the attitude.But man-hate feelings they once found a man, they treat each other wholeheartedly.Friends and family are very important to them, they attach importance to the family, the desire to build a wonderful family, very responsible to marriage.  Cancer is very strong willed, is steady and type, will not change for a long time, we will persevere with a mild manner.And their generous heart is very strong, like a mother can be a good inclusion of children make mistakes, does not mind the mistakes of others.Is a typical Gu love home, they can sacrifice a lot for the family, good wife is a good girl, and serve to take care of his family.Boys is a good husband and father, he will assume the role of a good family.Cancer emotional intelligence is very high, and is very sensitive to the type of volatility can be learned, well-intentioned enlighten others emotions, play to their good nature, care for others, care for others, in a timely manner to each other comfort. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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