Lunar May 15 is what constellation

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Lunar May 15 Gemini.Gemini, an air sign, zodiac third house of the zodiac, as the Gregorian calendar date of birth 21 – June 21.Gemini is a constellation of cold-blooded, they are full and articulate, for the feelings, they can easily grasp a person’s heart, it will not be too serious.But Gemini but really fall in love, they will be happy to spend more time in the other body, eloquent and astute Gemini is a constellation of the most amusing people.  Gemini clever clever, articulate, talented, likes excitement and novelty, for something new and interesting things for a very large curiosity, they are fickle, three minutes, once a thing to lose interest, will soon abandon, too emotional, so always giving a flower affect promiscuous playboy, and their eloquent, glib, more rhetoric captured the hearts of others, relationships get along very well.  Gemini people are more willing to take the initiative towards love, they like challenges, like new things, for they love to take the initiative to bring more challenges and stimulation, pursue each other in this process, can stimulate Gemini ambition.Gemini is the most eager and self-understanding and freedom of space, so the face of love and bread, they do not violate the freedom and space to their own, a little less does not matter.Gemini can understand their desire for a mate, between love and pet, connivance between possession and can calibrate, allow them to have love and to be happy, that is their best choice. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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