Members suggested: increase financial support to establish a "Great Wall Cultural Zone"

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  Chi Mei Zhang also mentioned in the proposal, the distribution of the Great Wall in Hebei Yanshan, Taihang Mountains, Bashang plateau and other 59 counties (cities, districts), the Great Wall more than the Mountain, was built, many passages inaccessible, backward development。
Above the provincial level historical and cultural cities along the Great Wall counties, towns and villages 81, accounting for two-thirds of the province (more than 112 provincial total)。
59 poverty-stricken counties in 23 counties, accounting for 59% of the province's total (39 poverty-stricken counties), highlighting the problem of uneven development is not sufficient。 However, the cities, towns and villages along the Great Wall, accumulated a deep long cultural heritage, attracts a large of information in many areas of politics, economy, culture, society。   The Great Wall is a giant linear cultural heritage, its protection, inheritance, use is a systematic project, long-term project。
Construction of the Great Wall with a number of departments involved, a number of areas, to promote the work to achieve results, Zhang Mei Chi suggestions: First, to establish multi-sectoral coordination mechanism。
Great Wall Cultural need to promote synergy with the construction of a number of departments of culture, heritage, agriculture, landscaping, transportation, tourism, land planning, urban and rural construction, etc., should be systematically combing conservation, ecological conservation, new rural construction, ditch the domain of economic development, tourism and other policies, improve cohesion and supporting policies to create synergy, while exploiting the counties main responsibility in promoting culture with the construction of the Great Wall。
  Followed by increase policy support。
Recommended that the national level with the Great Wall in Hebei cultural construction of key projects included in the scope of support, and strengthen policy support, the Hebei project in national ministries related work plans or projects dishes, and along the Great Wall to ensure the effective protection of cultural relics, rural revitalization strategy has been to implement implementation, along the full realization of strong rural agriculture, rural beauty, rich farmers。
  Third, in addition to, but also to increase financial support。 59 counties of the Great Wall in Hebei distribution in the territory, accounting for 23 poverty-stricken counties, the overall level of economic development lags behind。 Most of the county is dominated by agriculture, weak industrial base, high-tech industries, strategic emerging industries, modern service industry lags behind。
The country should increase financial support for efforts to promote economic restructuring and upgrading along the county。

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