Lunar June 22 is what constellation

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Lunar June 22 is a Leo.Leo, a fire sign, is located in the fifth house of the zodiac ecliptic, date of birth to Gregorian July 23 – August 22.Leo constellation is born king, they naturally bring their own aura, independent, generous work atmosphere, speak very calm and quiet, timid and never minced.And attentive, complete and accurate work, mannerisms, behavior of doing things are very own set of good will to maximize their advantages, show their charm.  Leo Love Leo is enthusiastic and courageous, for the love they desire to have a vigorous emotion, write a love for a heroic chapter.They know what they want, is an active party in love, meet favorite object will take the initiative.Leo likes a person, they are willing to share with a partner, will use the romantic, generous administered partner.Leo proud they are willing to love condescension, respect each other’s preferences, but that does not mean to abandon dignity, to their own bottom line, once touched, Leo will leave resolutely, not nostalgia.  Leo Leo cause of people with innate style of the King, eager to receive the attention of others, but also like to challenge their own limits.They are open-minded, enthusiastic, personable, in their minds, often heroism and idealism of the spark flash.On the other hand, has become arrogant and sensitive minor shortcomings in the work of the lions.Leo wanted to be ambitious leader is well-known, but not yet the time to do not to proud.For Leo’s strong performance, the work of the Central Standing Committee has a good harvest, as long as Leo a swing posture, it is sufficient to have a professional sense of authority. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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