Lunar June 25 is what constellation

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Lunar June 25 is a Leo.Leo, a fire sign, as the fifth house of the zodiac ecliptic, date of birth to Gregorian July 23 – August 22.Leo observation is very strong, in addition to its own arrogant, in fact, they have capital arrogant, because they are very strong, and attentive, complete and accurate work.Manners, behavior of doing things are very own set of good will to maximize their advantages, show their charm.They are born leaders, has absolute leadership, direction and management of people like.  Leo is a very generous person, regardless of family members, lovers or friends, never stingy in terms of money.Is very sunny upward, positive and optimistic person, never sad immersed in pain, sad tone might as well find a way to solve the problem.Leo strong self-esteem, a good face, like to listen to good words, I like to accept other people’s praise and enjoy the flattering remark, which makes them very popular with.Born overbearing personality, not allow others to question their own ability, more autocratic, arrogant, likes to call the shots.  Lions innate temperament gives a cold, domineering image, has its own personality.Born with a momentum away people’s posture, not deliberately faking, but natural.Very good strong, the pursuit of perfection.They naturally good pure passion, mostly sharp tongue, but not willing calculating man, carelessly broad-minded.Leo in love, you can love without reservation.For the love of people, they will make every effort to protect, care for, take care of them, single-minded, showing loyalty. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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