Lunar June 24 is what constellation

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Lunar June 24 is a Leo.Leo, a fire sign, is located in the fifth house of the zodiac ecliptic, date of birth to Gregorian July 23 – August 22.Leo is heroism, their optimism, helpfulness, likes to help vulnerable groups.They bring their own innate aura, independent, generous work atmosphere, speak very calm and quiet, timid and never minced.And attentive, complete and accurate work, your strengths will be good to the limit.  Leo Leo boys boys attitude in the face of love is active, for people who would like the offensive, willing to use their unlimited faith to win a loved one.Leo Male good face, so in the process and male lions live in, do not damage their self-esteem, do not break their face, even showing his worship in conversation, praise male lion, so he’s vanity meet, you will redouble good.And male lions live, please remember a pithy formula: “He has a face, you have a lining.”In front of outsiders sure to give him plenty of face, when he was frustrated, give gentle comfort him, when he carried away, please give him a timely reminder.  Leo Leo women are very popular girls in the crowd, and is selectively make friends, she still sometimes be led astray by bad.If you do not have the same gorgeous girls and Leo’s high quality of life, then you also need to have an ability to make them respectable, gorgeous rich spiritual world, they will be very willing to work with you in the company of.Female lion like respect for the equal exchanges mode.For an appointment or invitation, we hope the other side is sincere.They hate temporary offer and test the mind of the late-night phone.No manners, rude without paper, vulgar dirty man would make her furious.She likes to own as mature, strong, intelligent people get along. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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