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Lunar June is Cancer.Cancer, in the fourth house of the zodiac ecliptic, is the patron saint of Hera, is the mother of gods, date of birth June 22 – July 22.Cancer is very easy emotional constellation, one second before also happy, the next second trigger to their sensitive heart, easily dejected, very difficult to understand what they want in the end.Inherently insecure, self-protection is very strong, sensitive and suspicious.Mostly very nostalgic when faced with the reality of combat will miss the past, often indulged themselves unable to extricate themselves, and lose yourself in the real world, resistance is low.  Most Cancer Love Cancer is sensitive and fragile, slightly neurotic, easily swayed lost in love, think too much, worry lovers away.Once a person like giant will pay wholeheartedly, very loyal, not a change of heart, and you’ve been hoping to go forever.Will own weaknesses fully exposed after falling in love out of your heart undefended, become sensitive and fragile, willing to show their vulnerable side to the other, hoping to get their understanding and caring.Cancer is emotional constellation, for bread and love, love is more important for Cancer.As long as two people love each other, together we can work together to create wealth, even if there is no bread in a short time does not matter.  Cancer Cancer is the cause of very careful careful people, they became more subtle, detail-oriented work.Cancers gentle amiable, kind and helpful.Cancer and great sense of responsibility, will be a serious and responsible in their work areas, a problem will certainly undertake.Although Cancer dedication and ability is not so strong, but they get along very well, and colleagues in the communications, energy and colleagues get along very harmoniously, there is no problem in communication and partners, or as a very a constellation. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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