Lunar June 19 is what constellation

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Cancer is a lunar calendar June 19.Cancer, a water sign, located on the fourth house of the zodiac ecliptic, date of birth to the Gregorian calendar June 22 – July 22.Cancer is the biggest feature sensitive fragile.Friends and family are very important to them, they attach importance to the family, the desire to build a wonderful family, very responsible to marriage.Not easily accept a person, but once established emotion, recognized a person hope for life, wholeheartedly they will treat each other, to give up everything for the family and loved ones.Naturally sentimental, and too steeped in melancholy love fantasy and daydream world, indecisive, not assertive.  Cancer is very easy emotional constellation, one second before also happy, the next second trigger to their sensitive heart, easily dejected, very difficult to understand what they want in the end.Inherently insecure, self-protection is very strong, sensitive and suspicious.Easily into a dead end, lack of security, a lot of negative energy, and this energy will often bring people around.Their generous heart is very strong, like a mother can be a good inclusion of children make mistakes, does not mind the mistakes of others.Very high emotional intelligence can be learned fluctuations, emotional well-intentioned enlighten others, play to their good nature, care for others, care for others, in a timely manner to each other comfort.  Most of Cancer are very nostalgic when faced with the reality of combat will miss the past, often indulged themselves unable to extricate themselves, and lose yourself in the real world.Cancer character is always volatile, emotional and very serious, they are sensitive fragile heart, but good-natured innocence, helpful and very docile people get close, maternal body light, so inspiring, always can not help but want to near them.They know what they want, is an active party in love, meet favorite object will take the initiative.Leo proud they are willing to love condescension, respect each other’s preferences, but that does not mean to abandon dignity, to their own bottom line, once touched, Leo will leave resolutely, not nostalgia. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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