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Cancer is a lunar calendar, June 12.Cancer, a water sign, located on the fourth house of the zodiac ecliptic, date of birth to the Gregorian calendar June 22 – July 22.Cancer greatest feature is tenuous.But they are human feelings, once a person finds that they will treat each other wholeheartedly.Friends and family are very important to them, they attach importance to the family, the desire to build a wonderful family, very responsible to marriage.Not easily accept a person, but once established emotion, recognized a person hope for life, wholeheartedly they will treat each other, to give up everything for the family and loved ones.  Cancer Cancer love people in love usually plays the role of mother, like take care of each other, the one belonging to the dedication, easy to lose yourself in love to each other mainly spoiled their partner.Often a person suffer in silence, treat each other as a part of life.They Gu gentle, passive and gentle, loyal love, a problem they would insist on standing love it here, no longer indecisive.Will own weaknesses fully exposed after falling in love out of your heart undefended, become sensitive and fragile, willing to show their vulnerable side to the other, hoping to get their understanding and caring.  Cancer Cancers cause more emphasis on the family, but it does not mean that Cancer is not a sign of professionalism, their dedication is good, very responsible, we will earnestly fulfill every task.They just do things at work seeking perfection, not like conflict.Cancer is with this kind of modest means to slowly close their ideals.Cancer is very sensitive and fragile, heavy negative emotions of people, therefore at work to learn to hide their emotions, not to express their negative emotions, it will affect the people around him work, but it makes you question the leadership of ability.If you have suggestions and opinions, can communicate with colleagues in a calm manner at work, do not have too many worries. Constellation music original article, reprinted need to indicate the source

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