African students were beaten gang robbed blind eye insurance in the United States

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At least two Chinese students, MRT trains in Chicago, near the MRT station was robbed。 (CTA official website screenshot) October 12 electric evening of 8, at Vanderbilt University in the United States studying Chinese male students were 4 males and 1 female non-left gang robbery。
Robbery, male students were severely beaten, almost to blindness。
According to the North American Chinese homes reported that about 20:08 the evening, Chinese students were non-left gang robbed, beaten in the process, accidentally pierced glasses debris into the eye, thanks to timely medical treatment to remove glass fragments, or students at risk of blindness。 President of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association Vanderbilt University Wangze Xu said, the day after the male students out alone from the Chicago Red Line station, encountered four men and one woman of African robbers around the corner, they beat him with their fists head, face and more times, resulting in the student victims of the glasses were broken, debris tie to eye glasses。 "After being hit on the ground, the boys have put all her belongings were handed over to them, the robbers are still ton of bricks, continued kicking, kick the victim head, back and body。
"About the incident, the University of Illinois (UIC) Chicago graduate Yuan Lintong very angry," This is not the first time young people appear to contain African group of Chinese students, and arrogant!"He said, surrounded by many Chinese students have encountered the same thing, hoping that all students can be vigilant。 Editor: Fan Fei, Li Ruichen。

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