p Lin Jiancheng know on the outside can always get yourself to eat less hungry belly.

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  Peng spent with forest river also found, they naturally will not have any guilt, guilt, after all this stuff in their view simply can not exist in their parents.
  They are the child’s life, and be able to feed this kid is already a big kindness, even if parents take one day to recover this life is as it should be.
  The idea these days a lot of people in the village have, and even some young people are so educate.
  So Peng spend reaction with forest river is the youngest of the more estranged, and the eldest son of the eldest daughter of the eccentric and more.
  The feelings are mutual, followed by Lin Lin Jiancheng family grew so feelings are neither cold nor short, and s北京夜生活网o married a wife, there is no concept of the family of Lin Jiancheng still unannounced from time to time to find missing people, rather abruptly when they came back.
  Did not get along no communication, one pair vain family man full of blame, a family did not even thought about the feelings of this thing, the couple have two dolls, and the face did not say anything to each other.
  If Napo Niang did before giving birth to death, the two men also just like everyone else make do with a lifetime.
  Thought of this, Lin Jiancheng frowned more tightly, in the end is his own baby, Lin Jiancheng feel an obligation to support them grow up, and then to the two marry a wife, as a father, his duties considered finished.
  Lin Jiancheng always looking for opportunities to get money out, the family does not say that rich, but not lack of food.Lin Jiancheng had the year before to catch the bear brother of opportunities to learn how to drive, but also the disappearance of two months, eight children go outside to test the certificate.
  The results came back not long after giving birth to the encounter wife.
  In order to take care of still nursing Liner Shun杭州夜网论坛, Lin Jiancheng suspend the truck to run the thing, instead by Brother Bear c

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