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  But certainly earned money reselling bulk to points out, Lin Jiancheng longer rely on t无锡夜网his point to stay at home for a year.
  Wait until Liner Shun can eat, Linda Shun-year-old can also light a fire to cook, Lin Jiancheng think two children at home alone to survive for days no problem, which began to follow the car went to Brother Bear.
  Brother Bear is beginning to run short distance, is almost surrounding the city of lotus seed paste, Lin Jiancheng able to come back a few days trip.Brother Bear widening network of relationships, Lin Jiancheng will follow more run farther.
  Lin Jiancheng is beginning to spend the money and let Peng helped care for the results to come back home, rat hole must be emptied Peng spent two hungry children listless listless.
  Fatherly attitude of nothing to ask Linda Shun Lin Jiancheng, with his brother or take care of themselves, or continue to live in her grandmother there.
  Lin北京夜网da Shun course, chose to take care of his brother.
  Unfortunately, Peng took a big flower has paid too reckless, and every time Linda Shun Lin Jiancheng to the prepared things can be nothing left to take away all.
  Before Lin Jiancheng had already started to make a matchmaker to help find a new wife, but his vain house thing has be广州桑拿网en spread, they began to leave the children also made money raised came out after the baby born wife go out sports car, looking the two village gossips also to find someone justifiably took a drag possessor.
  As a naturally no one wants to read with him, you look at the Zhao family is high bride price a hundred dollars and only then work at home as diligent with cattle Zhao married here Sanmei.
  Package on the shoulders grew heavy, Lin Jiancheng looked at the road ahead, already in the downhill, and then two big bend Shui can see the entrance to the village.
  Britain put up a package Britain, Lin Jiancheng this did not stop to rest, ready to come home in one breath.
  The shower bui

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