lt buy back a lot of things, ready to look at the new home of the wife, if she has two children to take care of, h爱上海龙凤419网e used to win over these things around her, so she will not like that in front of a belly full of grievances wife.

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  In fact, Lin Jiancheng now still do not understand why the mother Dashun they have grievances against him.He is sleeping around the outside?No.
  His home is not enough to take home?Nor is it.
  But Brother Bear they said, and the woman to the family to buy things they will be happy, is to remember that Lin Jiancheng.
  Zhao Orange walk, placing the foot on the road began to hot ache, take two steps necessary to look lame, anxious to put your feet on the shoulders carried ass walking.
  Well, okay, if the ass walk will certainly be more pain, after all, a larger area of contact friction, a flesh also Intuit does not live up to expectations.
  In the first big bend at the upcoming Dao Cunkou, Zhao Orange is the man beh北京夜网ind catch up, orange Zhao himself with his sulking, gas, but they glared at the man a hope that people pack on the shoulders of some of Shen change, the best is to give people the weight of difficulties ahead of a move to step.
  Great Bend to wait until the second place could have been a fork in the road, a road leading to the entrance to the village fairies, and the other leading to the next village.
  Zhao Orange saw a man hurried pace that did not hesitate to directly select this following a small road continue to walk, suddenly surprised a moment, thinking that this man is a fairy village?
  Is someone young who work?To really, that says no other party is able to inquire about where to make a living.
  Suddenly, Zhao mind Emmanuel orange flash, think of the men stopped at the small road Pass Dongfeng car, a guess cautiously eme北京体验网rge:
  Young man, you can open up the goods Dongfeng car, who lives in the fairy village, back from the outside.
  Zhao orange increasingly slow pace, and I feel that these keywords are too close to one sideTog

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