ether, and he has also think it’s impossible, because Lin Jiancheng this run is far children, also came back 广州桑拿网a month.

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  In doubt, the man behind Zhao orange tens of meters away from before and after the two men entered the village.
  At this time there is 16:00, some home ground, will have the most sinister time stay at home to rest in the sun.
  Four more to go out to work, almost.
  Lin Jiancheng into the front of the village, passing a few families face to face with a family of four carrying a backpack, carrying a hoe seed pots, which is near the forests of Masan Bo a home that.
  Masan Bo saw Lin Jiancheng back, suddenly face a smile, took out a pack of cigarettes a few cents of its own, apart from anything else gave Lin Jiancheng handed a “built back?The back quite fast.”
  Masan Bo around horses Aunt could not help but smile, “Of course, the family married a capable and then sign a new wife, may not rush back?”
  Lin Jiancheng have eaten Masan Bo childhood home cooked sweet potato, then put down the bags with a smile took over Masan Bo smoke, that did not find it too took out a match point Masan Bo give up smoking, and he is dangling inhaled smoke in front of the flames.
  This results Lin Jiancheng mouth just smoke in your mouth and spit it out 天津夜网from the nose ready to turn around here to do, Ma Aunt suddenly looked behind him grinning, laughing a thick palm shoot, “yo, this really is!People couple already made an appointment to come back together!I say today how to build wife went to go to the market early in the morning, it turned to pick up a man!”
  Lin Jiancheng being heard at a loss what to build wife?It is his Napo Niang?
  Aunt raising his hand to see the horse in the direction enthusiastic waving behind him, his mouth and shouted: “come back to build completion wife received?The built back available to him to stay a while slightly!”
  Lin Jiancheng loss turned to look towards the past Ma Aunt waved, one on the right on not far from the face embarrassment not into

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