that retreat is not a sign of woman.

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  This is his wife?Zhao Orange?
  ”cough!Ahem cough!!”
  Lin Jiancheng is that cigarette in your mouth to choke tube lungs burning pain, the tears have to cough out.
  Although the tears did not come out, you can also eyeball eyes were red with a bit of water vapor, out with tears Cha Buli.
  In this time Lin Jiancheng could not help taking the time to see that his wife is said to be a woman.
  Zhao orange with Lin Jiancheng, a standing ten paces away, a bow to the prawns while fierce cough while also carrying the waist down to 苏州桑拿网see her eyes.
  Both silent in the eye, the ear is a horse Aunt Za Za Huhu loud voice.
  Author has to say: Zhao Orange: Why Yaoshou it will come back early!!!
  Lin Jiancheng: The sign sitting on the roadside to pull the pin wife is my home?!!!
  PS: la la la sudden wayward plus more?
  Catch the worm, written in front of a small angel said that 26-year-old Lin Jiancheng, it should be changed when I wrote the outline did not timely amend.
  Forgot to say, Lin Jiancheng upbringing I know the true story, it is difficult to imagine such a right to raise children?However old mother who is not Peng spent such a character, but is very kind-hearted old lady, can only say that the life force it
  The mood of the code to put it out, can not wait to come out after the code you want to share this joy ride [cute.JPG
  - think of it tomorrow seemed to 北京桑拿be thousands of words on the earnings list, Well I’ll come later updates poor?Probably around nine at night update, double-time to more than compensate you [heart]
  Thank LEE cast out of a landmine
  Thanks to small irrigation [nutrition] angel:
  Let, 362,366,665 bottles; LEEs, passion fruit, fifth, Amy bottle;
  Thank you for supporting me, I will continue to work hard!

Chapter 31
  Can pick up money like that on half of the arm on a wide ridge, orange Zhao go back, Lin Jiancheng go in front, before the two men buried one after the walk carefully, as if covered with weeds ridge.

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