orange hands grabbed his backpack straps on the shoulders, frowning occasionally look up a walk in front of Lin Jiancheng.

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  Suddenly he came home early in the orange Zhao Lin Jiancheng disrupted schedule, thought his backpack account of this, Zhao orange began to hesitate whether to advance on foot.
  The city may need a lot of places are body / copy / license, if Lin Jiancheng just stay at home and go twenty-three days, so much the better, Zhao orange felt she should be ab深圳桑拿网le to cope twenty-three days.
  Thought of this, Zhao orange throw off the embarrassment that point, Lin Jiancheng stiff cried loudly, “Lin Jiancheng, when you came back to walk?”
  This delicate question if a change in the feelings of people point to listen to, certainly do not expect to hear a wish which forced him to hurry meant.
  But the villagers saw the people for a long time did not come back, and began to ask what time to go are also many.
  Lin Jiancheng did not think the pace of the meal, carrying luggage looked back sideways orange one Zhao, Zhao hit a line of sight on the orange eyes quickly turn back, “Well, ah, probably a few days.”
  Lin Jiancheng have to talk to Bear Mountain to implement a car thing, so only two or three days at home, buy a car after Lin Jiancheng course, we should seize the time to start conta深圳桑拿网ct sports car money supply, when the time is even more busy.
  But Lin Jiancheng said he did not mind going to the habit with others, so Zhao Orange asked what he answered trouble.
  Lin Jiancheng now have no way to accept this beautiful flower takes a bird-like woman is his new wife met briefly on both sides, one side is the phase at the time, Zhao Sanmei out of turn around time, Lin Jiancheng attention to each other on the hands and feet of the body and the attitude to go up.
  To put it crudely, then, even if that day is tucked away from Zhao three brothers frantically over another person, as long as the color of the stature with the, Lin Jiancheng not recognize in the end it is

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