not Zhao Sanmei.

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  The second surface is naturally Lin Jiancheng ready to go that day, we have been out of the yard, but he collided with Zhao three brothers.
  Apart from anything else put the trio Zhao Lin Jiancheng Sanmei stu上海夜网ffed into his arms, and said a few hurried withdrawal devils ran away like flapping in the wind.
  Lin Jiancheng hurry, they looked down Zhao Sanmei burned black and red in the face, and then a wonderful reflection of北京夜网 the house into the kang, with Peng hastily took him away every time should come over to say a few words on gone.
  So-called womanhood, is such a wonderful thing it?Lin Jiancheng puzzling, a kind of unreality.
  May come all the way through, the two of them met the villagers are enthusiastic attitude to speak with him, then shouted Zhao Orange “built a wife.”.
  Every time “to build a wife” was what sounded to remind all this really is Zhao Lin Jiancheng orange, that really is his wife.
  Zhao Lin Jiancheng under the orange do not know how to calm face calm, got the answer suddenly relieved of a few days, but rest assured that after scratch heart torsion liver hope Lin Jiancheng to say clearly this is a few days in the end a few numbers, after all, can say the following ten A few days into.
  So all the way through the two ridge, just to be on the small slope when suddenly sounded ab杭州桑拿ove the cheers Linda Shun, the “father back!”
  He shouted, Linda Shun is also wrapped in a gust of wind rushed Lin Jiancheng went down in front of him looked up to smile.
  Lin Jiancheng, raising his hand touched the eldest son of the head, had to say “go back”, the results have also laughed at him in Linda Shun to go above his head threw himself in front hugged Zhao Zhao orange orange waist, “Zhao orange, you you’re back!I left you a meal in the pot, two along was asleep, I guess you should also back, and said to go to the small road Pass pick you up!”
  Series, then chug to emerge, which is full of excitement and intimacy with vigor.
  Lin Jiancheng not help

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