turned to see two men, had been sullenly frowning Zhao Orange also revealing to laugh, grabbed Linda Shun patted on the back, “Pass the small road on the mouth so far, take a trip every half an hours, where you go to pick me do it?Come on Come on back, I’ll give you bought delicious!”

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  The sound is very crisp, but also with a son tenderness, which, like just asked him what time to take the time so stiff?
  Lin Jiancheng this case is clearly felt out of place betwe广州桑拿网en himself and the two.
  With Linda Shun, Zhao orange felt more relaxed atmosphere, and both of them casually said something.Asked a Shuncheng not wet his pants, a proud proudly said he has from time to time to remind his brother crouched down to pee, asked pen where no two Mujixiadan.
  In short harmonious atmosphere of two people, with lots to talk directly to Lin Jiancheng to ignore, and the two went to the front to cross the Lin Jiancheng.
  Lin Jiancheng stood in place for a moment, thought, and almost every time he came back before his son is today such an attitude, happy to laugh at him, say, “Dad came back.”
  then?Then there would be no then, and he bought something for the two brothers was divided, then wash some lie down to sleep, I woke up the sleeping cook the cooking time to sleep, eat two of the children the play will go out to play.
  Obviously nothing has changed, why you see this picture and my heart always kind of depressing feeling?I have to say thanks to Linda Shun there is a younger brother to accompany growing up, or else definitely grow up and then will be the next Lin Jiancheng.
  Zhao orange with Linda Shun ahead, f南宁桑拿all behind Lin Jiancheng, such as Zhao Orange has begun to put down his backpack and Linda Shun today to show their two brothers to buy something, Lin Jiancheng finally carried your bags slight bow into the house.
  Lin Jiancheng a head too high, twenty-six men have also started Shoulder horizontal development, plus the room had no windows, so stop him toward the door, the hous

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