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  Zhao Orange despise looked at him, scruples Linda Shun still, the children face, so Zhao orange in the end did not say sell him off point, then.
  However, Zhao did not say orange, Linda Shun very straightforward to yell, “Dad you do not stand in the doorway, the house must be out of sight!”
  Zhao did not hold back a orange, Puchi out a laugh.
  After all, he had just finished a small Fufei partners say it, this thing very funny.
  Was the son despise, Lin Jiancheng did not feel embarrassed embarrassed, just such a short distance of dozens of steps Lin Jiancheng also figured out, anyway, this woman北京风月会所 is his wife became, to over a lifetime.
  This house is his home, his son, his wife also.
  Too beautiful new wife brought a lot of strange strangeness pressed down, Lin Jiancheng looked nice smile Intuit Zhao orange one he walked over to Kang bed over there, and then put the bags to put kang bed, sitting lean over the edge and looked y苏州桑拿ounger son slept sprawled out.
  Zhao Orange intends to remain in the accounts of the small basket in possession of a good, not many things to buy, orange biscuits Mihua Tang Zhao let Linda Shun go outside washed his hands, then took him two, and the rest to the bag leash deep mouth cupboard put.
  Since the last time it was staged a raid Yisow maiden sister, Zhao orange and then not to eat on the outside of the.
  Although after the release closet himself took the children can not be two children are obedient, orange Zhao also Shousong temper, always give them time to time to take twelve.
  ”Zhao orange, you eat chant, have not eat lunch, you are not hungry ah?”
  Linda Shun stepmother to see things close, and quickly called her own could get something to eat.
  Zhao orange smile look at him, still put things away cover the l上海夜网id, “You do not leave me a meal Well?”
  Next to sit for a while discovery of Lin Jiancheng if they do not say anything, this little freshman really put him on the air as.
  Lin Jiancheng cou

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