ghed, was about to speak a word, the result would have anything against him in the way of Zhao smiled and turned orange南宁桑拿 hate him, “how always cough?Just met when he coughed tears came out, the more of it is not smoke?Dashun ah, after you grow up, you can not learn to smoke.”

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  Linda Shun heard suddenly surprised to Dengyuan his eyes, “Dad cough crying?”
  My God, smoke too terrible.
  As a man, tears came out, it was a serious matter is a multi-ah!
  Linda Shun taught to nodded, then pulled to break apart the half Mihua Tang tip-toe back mom mouth to feed, “There have to heat up food in order to eat, you eat first this pad belly pad, I’ll get you hot rice!”
  Zhao smiling orange bite Mihua Tang eaten with the fingers, with Linda Shun said thank you.
  Lin Jiancheng has been ignored: “.”
  So no one ask him not to eat?
  In fact Lin Jiancheng is also not particularly care if anyone did not care for him to eat, mostly small to get used to, now back from the outside every time will find a place for dinner in advance, and then to the home of two children of some cooked food packaging.
  Linda Shun go hot mealsThey also remembered his father have this habit of turning up after the fire took two bowls came running in and asked his father, “Dad what you bring back to eat today?都市体验网
  Can be regarded as someone to care for him, Lin Jiancheng do not understand why they want to be secretly relieved at this moment, “I give you two fried dishes, in addition to a Lu Ji.”
  Lin Jiancheng talking to pull bags, brought out from the two plastic bags inside the boxes of aluminum four or five.
  This lunch box is Lin Jiancheng them out when to eat large adult men appetite, they are used in oversized boxes.
  Linda Shun touched, still hot, suddenly happy, holding boxes placed on the table, looked up toward the orange Zhao said: “Dad will come back each time with a meal, I Cook fitted out for a while you can eat, especially good eat, as well as meat!”
  Grab something to a child determined to get close

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