Story of the Ghost Story "Dong Fang"

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Ghost stories of "Dong Fang" Ghost stories have a lot of articles focused strange sentimental stories, different stories everyone can see the feeling is different, today let Xiaobian take you a little look at Ghost Stories "side Building "。
Ghost stories of "Dong Fang" There is a scholar Chang Dong Fang in the local quite Cai Ming, but he does not care about etiquette frivolous man。
Every time met on the road traveling or passing woman, or a few light will go on the track with other people (this is not a metamorphosis Mody)。 One day before the Ching Ming, occasionally with friends to the countryside for a walk。 After seeing the road with a horse-drawn carriage, embroidered with delicate designs on the red roof, there are a number of maid after the car, slowly lining up with the car。 There is a woman in the car, Maoruo angel。
Then we went into a little square to see the car hung up the curtains, car girl sitting inside a sixteen-year-old (so-called twenty-eight Shuli), dolled up, Chromic Shuangjue。
Dong Fang life had never seen such a beautiful girl。
Moment, as if he killed a little spirit-general feeling of vertigo (light titanium blind dog eyes Penbi Xue), eyes peering at a one second he girl is not willing to move away, it is so or before or followed after the car goes out for a few miles (thick skinned, my generation is less than ah)。
Suddenly the girl sitting in the car called a maid came to the car side, saying "the window curtain down!Where to swingers, actually come to stare at me!"The maid put down the curtain car, Dong Fang looked angry and said: 'This is our Seremban city seven son's wife back to her parents, not those country girls wild woman, wherewith you just see chaos' After saying a handful of Dong Fang ash to sprinkle over his face。 Ghost stories of "Dong Fang" Fang Dong was lost eyes, open eyes are rolling。 Rub the swab to see for a long time, but the team has already gone。
Dong Fang frightened and confused and returned home, but the eyes always feel uncomfortable。
Asked people to poke the eyes to check and found both eyes had a small white spot。 After a night, more sore eyes, and the eyes than tears。
White eyes more and more, and after a few days they are generally thick with coins, white on the right eye but there are still threads, but not too much to eat medicine works。
Dong Fang is regret and despair, their frivolous behavior rather regret, thinking to find another way repentant。

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