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      Yesterday's circle of friends has a scraper news, Professor of Management, Fudan University, doctoral tutor, the famous financial and securities experts Hsieh three, died of illness at the age of 68 years。 I'm on at the university had elective thank the teacher's "hot Chinese economy and policy", he had been a student, can not help but recall some of the drip, special record at as a memento。
  I fall into the mid-1986's Fudan University Park, when we are in school in those years, it is a variety of new ideas along with reform and opening surging。 Xie also to Fudan University in mid-1986, he graduated from the graduate to teach economics from Peking University。
Class, he often mentioned his mentor Li Yining's point of view, very respectful of Mr. Li。
  Xie is the South China Normal University undergraduate political science in Guangzhou, read the college teachers in Economics。 Mid-1982 when applying for graduate students of Beijing University Department of Economics, score well, but English is not up to the difference between the two points, he went to the Zhanjiang Marxism-room medical college economics teacher。 The next year re-examination, and finally admitted。
At that time the Department of Economics of Peking University, before Chen Daisun other academic dean, etc. There are the backbone of Li Yining, after a group of young elite, Xie Baisan themselves, and learned many nutrition。
  He is eloquent, and sometimes even spittle flying migrating to the front of the students face。 He has ideas, not dogmatic, especially love stories, including some insider senior leadership decision-making, we naturally rapt。 He said, now give Li a teacher to do too many reports of the country, Li teacher let him go sometimes speak on behalf of。 At that time we really feel, it is to thank the teacher lectures and students。
  Start of the 1980s, it is China from a centrally planned economy to a commodity economy。
What is China's economic reform goals and modes?Hundred Flowers, so that the entire social sciences economics has since become the most active and visible part。 Improvement of the Soviet model, market model of socialism in Eastern Europe, plus government-led market economy model in East Asia, Europe and the free-market model, today。   In a variety of voices, the most prominent one is "price reform theory," the first "ownership reform theory" advocated by the former price reform, taxation and finance system, eliminating the stalemate confrontation dual system, the establishment of a new system; the latter advocated the adoption of the joint-stock reform, the lack of vitality of the state-owned and collective enterprises can be transformed into independent, self-financing, independent decision-making power market of joint-stock enterprises。 Mr. Li Yining proposed shareholding in mid-summer 1980, and till now。   Xie Baisan undoubtedly stood at his teacher while he gave our class a main line is the ownership reform, but this choice is not "only from the division command", but has his own personal experience。 He has talked about in the blog, he prepare for graduate school summer holidays, when English review by relatives, the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts studying hard to find a student dormitory。
Every day he comes across a beautiful girl eating a seventeen-year-old, after understanding tell him she is from northern Jiangsu, is a mannequin, was devoted to painting the body's Academy teachers and students。
First let dozens of naked male and female students, the teacher paintings are shocked when they passed, but no way, home, money, etc.!Dad wrote to say that the village runs the township enterprises, put forward "are provided for with labor, with stocks into the plant," she took her brother sent a 2,000 yuan into the plant, and every painting she once earned 6 dollars, and now you want to earn as brother 2,000 yuan, and finally we also have to earn 2000 yuan into the plant to。   It is often said Xie Baisan story。 "This evening, I was shocked and felt incredible, China's township enterprises, joint-stock Chinese, China's economy will rise, will remain the world's top forest。
In the fight ah!Was shocked to see as overseas Chinese Linxian, Henan people dug hard work of the canal, as heroic, China will become powerful。 "Xie Baisan later have become stock market expert, I want him back in the early 1980s was hooked shareholding are inseparable。
In the time to give us lessons, he often quoted Li Yining's famous phrase, "China's reform may fail because of price reform failed, not because of the success and the success of price reform; reform is the key to Chinese ownership reform。
"Hsieh three classes speak it well, dare to speak, dare to speak in front of a letter in leadership or directly to the leadership。 Zhu served as mayor of Shanghai, Yu Zhengsheng time as mayor of Yantai, have asked him did report, it was in 1988。 It is said that Hu Jintao, Premier Zhu personally had to give him back the letter, Wen Jiabao, on his instructions did report。   2004 from Guangzhou to Shanghai every year I co-founded the "Financial Times" and found this time Xie, more concerned about the stock market and real estate。
He still humorous, straightforward, said many stock and property markets in widespread verse, such as "do not enter the stock market is no risk of loss, but there is a lifetime risk of poverty; there is the risk of loss into the stock market, but may also become rich!"He talked about 'Stock Mania', also said that the monks and nuns of the stocks," Why can not stock ah?Buddhism is his faith, the stock is his hobby。 Many American people to Christianity, but are investors, not completely contradictory。 Marx also stocks, speculation Keynes was very good, and now every year to scientists awarded the Nobel Prize by the stock market is growing up。
"He talked about the Shanghai real estate, said," Under a blue sky, why would someone multimillionaire, was utterly destitute?States have the responsibility, greater responsibility for their own。
Some 10 years ago to parents invited him to dinner, I humbly ask, do for the daughter admitted to Fudan University?I say buy a house soon, ah, ah can rise a lot!They buy immediately。 Now happy ah!Shanghai more than good, the best Chinese urban management, house pressure does not go, and will recover Tokyo。 "Investors like Xie Baisan, because he always stood shareholders stand to speak, sing more。 But the first point to emphasize media often "risk", so we are not that much of his interview, reports also strike a balance。 He specializes in speech, but in 2008 after the unfortunate risk of nasopharyngeal cancer, is not easy to speak, more is to communicate with shareholders through the blog, a television interview a few。   Hsieh three who praise derogatory who are particularly distinctive。 Since 2006 to 2007 bull market that round, he spoke highly of the then Commission Chairman Shang Fulin said the "Shang Fulin, China Securities Regulatory Commission is headed by the previous Commission in the strongest, the most outstanding work, a big stock market reform disease 'equity division', going back to the major shareholder debt against the evil village, pass issued a lot of work, the Commission has become the most reliable investors 'maiden'。
"Recently, he 'IPO poverty' public criticism of the current Chairman Liu Shiyu, but also makes the city dispute, the market is well known。 In fact, Liu Shiyu how can we know the difficulties he!Liu Shiyu 1987 in the office of Shanghai economic reform, and later to the State Commission for Economic Restructuring, Xie Baisan is also very familiar。 However, position is everything, and Xie Baisan alternative is civilian position and the position of shareholders。
His outspoken criticism of the attitude is more important than the content itself, more valuable!  I'm not much research on the stock market, Xie Baisan as the stock market as a critic dare not comment。
I stay in the depths of memory thank a teacher, or that reform and opening up, economic restructuring, joint-stock construction, township enterprises outcry, eloquent thank a teacher!He edited the "Chinese Contemporary Economic Policy and Theory," 20 chapters, involving all aspects of policy, the basic framework is the year to give us a lecture outline。   The first chapter of this book is that "China will be the 21st century's fastest growing world power"。 I hope China's stock market and economic development make Xie rest in heaven!。

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