What female cervical erosion cervical erosion prevention and treatment of eating

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What kind of female cervical erosion cervical erosion is a very common female gynecological diseases, which seriously endanger the health of women, what women eat cervical erosion and cervical erosion of women small series to see what to eat today introduce it!What to eat 1 female cervical erosion, cervical erosion patients should always eat carbohydrate foods, carbohydrates can help the body to provide a lot of calories, people maintain adequate strength, so patients with cervical erosion in peacetime should pay attention to carbohydrate diet, this can help fight disease。
2, cervical erosion patients usually pay attention to the intake of vitamin C ^。 Most are due to cervical erosion caused by the virus, vitamin?Can inhibit the damage caused by the virus, it is very important。
Recently, scientists have found that vitamin C ^ a dozen enhance the role of immunity, including the generation of antibodies, immune cells promote the maturation rate, etc.。
In addition, vitamin C ^ also the incidence of cervical cancer related information surveys show that vitamin?When increasing the amount of intake, reduce the risk of cervical cancer。
Vitamin?And more vegetables are cauliflower, radish, potato, cabbage, rape and other green vegetables, in addition to these vegetables, fresh fruit can also eat。 3 female cervical erosion what to eat, cervical erosion patients usually have to eat more fruits and vegetables。 Cervical erosion patients usually have to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, pay attention to proper diet, rich in fruits and vegetables and a lot of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber plants, etc., these elements for the adjuvant treatment of cervix erosion diseases have some help。 Materials: 5?10 dried pig gall, and an amount of 60 g peanut oil granatum。

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