"Interpretation of a new era of Lei Feng spirit" and "a witness tells the Lei Feng Diary" episode in Xiamen

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Book donation ceremony。
 Yang Fushan taken away Baoshan speech, said Lei Feng spirit has heritage significance, is the spiritual strength through time and space, in different periods, stages, people ideas and concepts, lifestyle changes, but it was always learning, longing look forward to someone。
  People's Publishing House chairman Huang Shuyuan said two new books launching ceremony held national public offering in Xiamen, to explore a new era in how vigorously carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng, practice the socialist core values。   "Witnesses told Lei Feng Diary," a book, not simply reprint Lei Feng Diary, but Lei Feng Footprints for clues to Lei Feng during his lifetime more than 30 comrades, colleagues, students have been coached and helped about personal experiences, According to Lei Feng hometown in Hunan, north Anshan Iron and Steel, to join the camp of the three paragraphs Jina arrangement, thus showing a complete roadmap for the growth of Lei Feng, Lei Feng diary to fill the gap in the past published。   "Lei Feng" magazine editor in chief Tauke also briefed the meeting about the new book compiling case。
  As a historical and cultural city in China's reform and opening up the frontier window, Xiamen cultural heritage, Zonta for good atmosphere, spiritual civilization fruitful。 In the early 1980s, the city of Xiamen on the creation of a joint military and civilian experience of learning from Lei Feng, become the vanguard of China's construction of spiritual civilization。
  In recent years, Xiamen to cultivate socialist core values, all walks of life to learn from Lei Feng, civilized behavior of the upsurge, the city has more than 64 million registered volunteers, 16% of the city's resident population, volunteer team 3000 multi-branch, more than 100 volunteer service inn, there are 620 regular volunteer service activities。
"There is time to do volunteer difficult to find volunteers", is becoming conscious action of the people of Xiamen。
  The launching ceremony, People's Publishing House, "Lei Feng" magazine north Normal School and Xiamen Haicang subsidiary Xiamen Haicang District Education Foundation, presented a new book and calligraphy。   Xiamen Haicang Education Foundation, Renzhou Wei Rong said that to play well in Xiamen City, vigorously carry out educational activities of the traditional advantages of learning from Lei Feng, continue to do a good job of training young people a new era, a new era of Lei Feng spirit with peers, teachers and students lit and adolescent journey of life。

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