Prevention of colorectal cancer should be how do?Daily do these three things is enough!

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China in recent years of increasing incidence of colorectal cancer, colorectal cancer can often be seen on television and in newspaper reports。
Daily life, we should pay attention to early prevention of colorectal cancer, from the smallest details of life before they occur。
Prevention of colorectal cancer should be how to do a, diet articles influenced by Western elements, and now most of the residents are high in fat, high protein, low dietary fiber Western diet, these foods contain a lot of saturated fatty acids, easily lead to disorder consisting of coliform bacteria, the main reason prompting carcinogens generation and development, which is the surge in recent years, a variety of gastrointestinal cancer。
Therefore, it is recommended to eat enough fruits and vegetables every day。World Health Organization recommended, should eat two servings of fruit and 5 servings of vegetables every day, doing so can greatly reduce the chances of suffering from colorectal cancer。Eat more foods containing dietary fiber and light food。Konjac, soybean, algae, etc., can help reduce the risk of colon cancer。
The diet should also be light-based, eat less spicy food are good preventive spicy food, spinach, bitter melon, black fungus, etc.。
Eat less saturated fat and cholesterol-rich foods, such as animal offal, fat, animal fat, roe, squid, etc.。Do not eat fried foods。Second, the examination papers appear to be five of these symptoms seek immediate medical attention。
Normal bowel habits, constipation, diarrhea; blood in the stool or mucus; the recent persistent abdominal bloating or pain; anemia were unknown reason, weight loss, fatigue; abdominal palpable mass, etc.。
Five people are the best regular inspections。
There stool bad habits, such as reading newspaper while using the toilet, or easily lead to anorectal disease; long standing, sedentary people and chronic constipation; daily life is not the law, often eat too much, like to eat greasy and spicy spicy food person ; patients have a family history of colorectal cancer and did cholecystectomy; patients with anorectal diseases, such as colorectal polyps, ulcerative colitis, etc.。Third, develop the habit of regular bowel habits article。
In general, the morning after, and the day is to eat most of the time it is intended, you can get up early for a while, set aside a fixed time of defecation。If no bowel movement the morning, after dinner to be adjusted, preferably half an hour to do first movement, to stimulate bowel movements, advantageously defecation。Appropriate sun。
US study found that the incidence of colorectal cancer is closely related with the sun。
Researchers believe vitamin d have a preventive effect on colon cancer。Therefore, long-term work in the office workers, the best time to go out every day taking the sun。Reducing sedentary more exercise。
White-collar family sitting in the office work will take time, incorrect posture but will also increase abdominal congestion; and prolonged sitting can cause bloating, constipation, if you can not clear the day, a long time to accumulate in the gut, very harmful substances in the feces likely to cause damage to the intestinal mucosa, and induce cancer。related suggestion。

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