Scrotum wet diet you have any taboos?Three food taboos should pay attention!

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Scrotum eczema about the disease, in life, we should take timely measures to treatment, to avoid excessive drinking。
Eat spicy food, both eating and drinking habits, to develop good habits and avoid harm to us scrotum wet, damage the health of reproductive organs, affect fertility, let us come to understand the specific a bit。Scrotum wet three patients a diet taboos, avoid excessive drinking。Chinese medicine hemorrhoids mostly hot and humid, hot and humid infestation of alcohol can help them, but also make wine hemorrhoid venous congestion, expansion of Shu song, the swelling of hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid patients find clinical most particularly sensitive to alcohol, usually in half an hour after drinking will feel anal discomfort, blood in the stool can be the next day, such as alcohol abuse, the consequences more severe。
Therefore, those who suffer from hemorrhoids should best avoid alcohol。Second, avoid addicted to spicy food。Spicy spicy food, though a lot of people's heart of love。But be aware that these foods will stimulate the blood vessels of the rectum, so that congestion and expansion, causing tingling and heavy feeling when the bowel, thus exacerbating or induced hemorrhoids。
In particular chili, pepper, raw onions, raw garlic, etc., should be eating。Alcohol can cause hemorrhoids venous congestion, expansion and swelling of hemorrhoids cause scrotal eczema。
Third, avoid eating and drinking habits。Many people develop a "see food to eat" bad habits, poor eating less food, good food on Mengchi so hungry eat uneven, affecting gastrointestinal function, the spleen and stomach damage, so hot and humid phlegm endogenous, blood stasis, hemorrhoids often occur, particularly after eating, the stomach make it greatly, abdominal pressure, hemorrhoid venous blood return affected, thereby increasing the disease。These are the food taboos of patients with wet scrotum, scrotum want to keep in mind that all patients with wet。related suggestion。

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