Xi Jinping's visit to three African countries and Russia and attend the BRICS summit

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Time and place to attend the national results of June 2009 Yekaterinburg, Russia China, Russia, Brazil, India, the four countries to tackle the international financial crisis, major issues G20 summit process, reform of international financial institutions, energy security, climate change and other exchange views。
Joint statement issued after the meeting clearly sixteen conclusions。 To promote the foundation in April 2010 Brasilia, Brazil, China, Russia, Brazil, India, the four countries urged States to resist all forms of trade protectionism, trade restrictions against invisible, agreed in respecting the mandate, including the modalities, including the existing lock on the results Doha early, comprehensive and balanced outcome。 April 2011 China Sanya China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa, the summit theme of "Looking to the future, shared prosperity" theme, by the outcome document "Sanya Declaration" and a plan of action。
Declaration of a total of 32 items, involving a wide range of content, topics covered reform of the international monetary and financial system, economic and trade cooperation in the field of global climate change, commodity market regulation, food security, financial security utilization of nuclear energy and international cooperation to clarify the BRIC countries the main direction of future cooperation。
March 2012 New Delhi, India China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa issued a "Delhi Declaration"。
On the summit, the five countries consider the establishment of a new development bank, and instructed the five countries finance ministers' meeting to discuss the feasibility of establishing a working group to convene an expert group meeting, reports research results at the next summit。 Iran's nuclear issue, the situation in Syria and the Middle East and North have non-clear。

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