Some bad habits destroy teeth, protect teeth from ourselves (1)

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  Each one of us must take good care of small baby to an adult if a toothache guilty, really hurt to life, protect teeth from everyday habits to start small。  Nine kinds of bad habits destroy a tooth, big mouth eating apples and carrots and other fruits and vegetables hard and brittle, cracked teeth caused the biggest culprit cracked teeth, also known as insufficiency cracked teeth or dental micro-crack。It refers to a non-physiological surface of the crown hairline cracks, often difficult to detect。Cracks often cracked teeth penetrate into dentin, it is one of the causes of pain。  1, tumor diet diversification, food pyramid structure that is similar to that employed, ate the most cereal, bread, bread, rice, noodles and so on; eat more vegetables, fruits; eat the right amount of milk, cheese, lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, beans; eat a minimal amount of oil, sugar, salt, etc.。
  2, some foods contain a lot of sugar, fat and salt, eat sparingly, include ice cream, chocolate, etc.。  3, can eat more nutrient-rich, less sugary foods including eggs, milk, yogurt, cheese, rice, bread, bread, popcorn, fresh vegetables and fruits。  Second, often eating corn easily lead to loose or fall off, Dr. Bu Zhatuo said eating corn easily lead to loose or fall off, dentures can also cause displacement。Recommend peeled before eating corn kernels。  Third, bread, pasta and other refined make bread and other oral jump refining acidic oral acidic pasta would surge, enamel corrosion, but also tends to remain in the teeth。
Therefore, after carefully rinse noodles。
  Fourth, the package was easily torn with the teeth FIG tear teeth packaging, caps and other open, it is easy to break or shifting germs on the package will silently into the mouth affect human。
  Fifth, the Georgia Dental expert Dr. Brett Silverman said the total drink bottled water, bottled water in the purification process, the acid will increase, easily lead to dental caries。Some lack of essential minerals in purified water, drinks also bad for your teeth。
In addition, soda, sports drinks also contain most of the acid that will corrode tooth enamel。Recommended to drink boiled tap water or use a straw, drink and reduce the chance of contact, there is a certain preventive effect。
  Six, eat potato chips and dried fruit crisps, popcorn stuck in the chewing process after the first brittle, easily plug in the teeth, bacteria, leading to tooth decay; some of dried fruit, such as raisins, dried apricots and figs rich in nutrients, but also contains a lot of sugar and cellulose, sugar tend to increase the residual amount of ambient。  Seven, often drink tea or wine enamel are particularly susceptible to dark foods (such as miso, soy sauce, ketchup, curry, etc.), there has fine spots。
Dr. Virginia, USA Michael Paaisani dental professionals recommend, should eat such food drink plenty of water gargle after eating。
In addition, some drinks are also likely to cause discoloration。
President of the American Dental Association, Dr. Irwin · Beauty M. Gail said, strongly acidic white wine, will make it easier for dental coloring, alcohol can also cause dry mouth, reduced the protective effect of saliva on the teeth; black tea tannins also will increase the risk of tooth colored, recommendations drunk people choose this type of beverage whitening toothpaste, or to drink green tea and herbal tea。

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