Combination skin is characterized by these things in mind

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Features combination skin is what the name suggests is a kind of combination skin and combination skin features a collection of skin type, combination skin in the end is kind of how it kind of skin following small series to tell us something about the combination skin What are the characteristics that these good things to keep in mind oh!Features combination skin is what a, T-zone oil and more with combination skin sister paper face?Skin appear greasy character of the area, and if clean unclean president of acne, pores will gradually become thick。 Second, both sides of the cheeks for dry combination skin has a magical features that you might nose out of oil more than fried chicken, looks can not bear to look, but the cheeks on both sides has become dried out, even with a case of peeling, so If they do not pay attention pay sister paper, then it is easy to become rough skin, oh!The combination skin how to care for combination skin is common in the 25-35-year-old sister paper。 In addition to sister paper is part of a natural combination skin, as well as most of the skin sister paper are changed due to the pressure caused oh!So you want to look Mimi da, sister paper would need to maintain a good mood are friends!Of course, with the good mood, skin care tips, but also no less, so as to play a role in improving the skin Oh!Following up to learn about it!Mixed skin care, a sister paper who want to master the key words, that is, "Partition care"。 Because both dry and combination skin oil, so both skin care to distinguish oh!First, the characteristics of clean combination skin sister paper in the choice of skin care products should be selected wash your face with the skin care products moisturize function。
Because whether it is oil or dry, in fact, it is caused by lack of water。
So when cleaning is recommended to choose their sister paper moisturize。 Recommended cleaning time?Word area gently in a circular motion to be cleaned lightly with cheeks places clean manner。
Second, pat Toner Toner is an essential step in skin care。
This step is recommended sister paper were selected based moisturizing skin care products, but also can increase the efficacy of two kinds of moisturizing lotion, but to beat the partition。
For example in the oil wiping oil control multiple portions, then moisturizing dry parts。
Third, in addition to moisturizing lotion, but also pay attention to increase the degree of moisture of the skin, so the emulsion is not less of it!Mixed skin lotion should pay attention to when choosing their moisturizing and controlling role, allowing the skin to restore the proper balance of water and oil。 An emulsion is difficult to reach both oil control and moisture, it is suggested the use of two emulsions。 For more information, please visit 6681 health network!。

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