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How to wear new shoes without rubbing your feet

How to wear new shoes without rubbing your feet

Newly bought shoes always wear feet, even for brand-name shoes that cost hundreds or thousands of yuan, sometimes.

Here, I will teach you four small tricks to relieve the trouble of grinding feet and pinching feet in new shoes.


hzh{display:none;}  妙招一:新鞋最容易磨脚的两个地方,一是脚后跟处,一是大脚趾外侧。Cover your shoes with a wet towel for a few minutes. Then cover the shoes with a dry soft towel. Tap with a hammer to smooth the shoes.

You don’t have to worry about grinding your feet anymore by wearing new shoes that have been treated this way.

  Tip three: If the new shoes are too small to pinch your feet, you may wish to use a wet towel to cover the wet parts of the shoes, and then use the shoe wedge to expand them, and they will fit more.

  Coup two: find a newspaper, knead it into a ball, and soak it in water (not too wet, but the whole ball is wet with water), then wrap it with a dry newspaper and put it in a new shoeThen, seal the shoes in a plastic bag, and wear them after a night, you will not feel the feet.

  Coup 4: Take a piece of soap or a candle, and apply a thin layer on the part where the shoes are most in contact with the heel, so the heel will become smooth instead of grinding the feet.

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Apart from distress, what good way to replace it?

Next, teach you a little trick-apply nail polish.

  Find a bottle of nail polish that is the same color as the shoe and carefully apply it to the toe of the kick.

When the nail polish dries, the toe of the kicked flower will return to its original color, and the shoe will look much more beautiful.