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[Can potatoes be eaten just after sprouting]_Can you eat_Impact

[Can potatoes be eaten just after sprouting]_Can you eat_Impact

Potatoes sprout in life. This phenomenon is particularly common. Every spring, this season is the season when potatoes are most likely to sprout. Many people store a lot of potatoes in winter, so that potatoes can be eaten throughout the winter. SomeWhen it comes to spring, you ca n’t finish eating, and then the potatoes will germinate in the house. Because spring is just warming up, and it is a good season for planting, so potato germination is particularly normal, so can potatoes eat just after germinating?

Fresh potatoes contain trace amounts of solanine.

No harm to human body, but the content of Solanine will be gradually added during long-term storage.

When the potato turns green and germinates or rots, solanine is added in large amounts.

Eating a very small amount of solanine does not necessarily cause significant damage to the human body, but if you eat 0 at a time.


4 grams of solanine may cause poisoning.

Therefore, after eating a germinated potato, you may show symptoms of food poisoning such as aversion, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, and difficulty breathing.

After the sprouted potato is treated to remove the sprout, solanine may still be left in the green tubers, which may cause poisoning, so it is not suitable to eat the sprouted potato.

If the potato has only one sprout, it is too wasteful to throw the whole potato away for one sprout.

Can you remove the part that grows and eat the part that is not spoiled.

When the potatoes have just sprouted or the sprouts are not large enough, you can dig out the sprouts and sprouts, and the rest can still be eaten.

Because the toxin at this time is still concentrated in the bud eye and the nearby part, the toxin has not spread yet.

In general, if you do not eat the amount of potatoes that cause food poisoning due to fractures, there will be no problem.

However, if the appearance of the potato is mildew, the blueness is severe.

When the potatoes have grown a few sprouts, they are discarded without hesitation.

Such potatoes even dig out the buds, and there is no poisoning after eating, the nutrients contained are also left very little, and the taste is very poor.

Some potatoes ca n’t be eaten. Many people find that the surface of the potato is mildewed, but they do n’t keep it in mind, because this layer of mildew is not unusual after washing out the potatoes, but please note that there are mildewed potatoes.Do not eat it, because it will cause some mold in the potatoes, and the harm caused by mold entering the body is needless to say everyone also knows.

Therefore, except for germinated potatoes, moldy potatoes cannot be eaten.

Second, green potatoes Generally speaking, potatoes should be orange-yellow, but potatoes are green and green. Do not eat even a little, because this potato is likely to be caused by excessive toxic alkaloids. People are eating it.After this kind of potatoes, it is very easy for food poisoning. This is why in some food poisoning cases, potatoes did not germinate, but still caused people to be poisoned.

Third, rotten potatoes Some friends will treat rotten potatoes like germinated potatoes, but please be aware that the potatoes are rotten, even if we cut off the rotten parts, it is not edible, because the rotten potatoes also contain a lot of solanumAlkali, if not noticed, can easily cause damage to the human body and may even cause death.