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[How to pick crayfish shrimp line]_How to pick_Cleaning

[How to pick crayfish shrimp line]_How to pick_Cleaning

At the tip, the crayfish is welcomed by people. Before eating, the crayfish must be cleaned, especially the shrimp line. The crayfish is a freshwater shrimp. The shrimp line contains some toxic substances.The removal of the thread not only affects the taste, but it is also not good for the health of the body. The method of removing the shrimp line from the crayfish is also relatively simple. Let us understand this aspect.

How to choose the crayfish shrimp line 1, after the raw crayfish is cut to the shrimp line method, after washing the crayfish, directly cut off the top of the crayfish, remove the stomach pouch and the like, and then hold the middle of the crayfish tail with your hand.Swing the tail wing back and forth by twisting it left and right until the wing is twisted, and then slowly pull the wing out to bring the shrimp line out completely.

2. Clean the crayfish by breaking the shrimp line and put it in the freezer to freeze and dehydrate it to make the crayfish froze. Remove the center tail of the crayfish and carefully grasp the crayfish.Arch up and out of the palm of your hand, then use sharp scissors to cut the back of the crayfish and pick out the shrimp line.

3. After cutting the shrimp to the shrimp line, clean the crayfish, quickly freeze it, and remove the middle tail of the tail. Use scissors to carefully open the shell protruding from the top of the crayfish head.You can also pull out the shrimp thread by pulling out the sac or the like.

4. Live shrimp peeling line Live shrimp peeling line is also a common way to remove shrimp line, usually after the crayfish is cleaned, boil a pot of boiling water, put the dragon in it and blanch it for 1 to 2 minutes, and crawfishThe shell of the scallop is hot, and after removing it to air dry, remove the tail wing in the middle of the tail, and pinch off the head with force, and it will be removed with the shrimp line.

Why is the crayfish shrimp line removed? The crayfish shrimp line is the inside of the crayfish excretion, so it contains a lot of digestive residues, clay and other ingredients, which are almost inedible. If it is not cleaned, it will have a fishy smell and dirt.The taste greatly affects the taste, so the shrimp line needs to be dropped when eating crayfish.

How to clean the crawfish is the cleanest1. Before cleaning the crayfish, you need to rinse it roughly, and then soak it with sterilizing salt water, vinegar or wine for more than two hours.

2. Then put the crayfish in the refrigerator and stun, carefully clean the shell and abdomen with a brush.

3. The head of the crayfish is not recommended to be eaten, so it needs to be cut off with scissors. Usually, the carapace is cut out and pulled directly to bring out the entire gastric sac.

4. Then scratch the shrimp line, or pull up the middle tail of the crayfish, remove the shrimp line, rinse it and cook.