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Kasugai health pinches fingers and lower abdomen

Kasugai health pinches fingers and lower abdomen

One day lies in the morning, one year lies in the spring, and in a blink of an eye it is the spring in which everything is recovering.

The warmer weather in spring is the best season of the year.


hzh{display:none;}  然而,也是“百草发芽,百病发作”的季节,因此应注意保健养生。After the spring equinox, the health regimen should focus on regulating the balance of qi, blood, yin and yang. There are two parts in our body, which are the focus of spring regimen, namely the fingers and lower abdomen.

  In spring, when you are fine, you can often pinch your fingers, because in the pair of fingers, there are well holes of the human meridian, and each hand has 6 well points, which are generally the end points of the meridians.

  If the meridian of the human body is a flowing river, then the well point is like a spring where the water flow starts, which shows the necessity of the well point.

So pinching your fingers can clear the meridians and regulate yin and yang.

  The lower abdomen is the center of the human body, so it plays a key role in balancing human blood.

Most modern people have a slight accumulation of the abdomen, and the fatness of the lower abdomen will produce a series of sub-healthy symptoms. Therefore, controlling the lower abdomen is slight, even for the sake of beauty, and health considerations. Next, we will introduce the three tips for lower abdomen health.

  Rubbing the abdomen at least 36 times a day is the favorite place for cold air to gather, so rubbing the abdomen is very important. You can often massage the lower abdomen to fever with the Laogong point of the palm of your hand, you can nourish the vital energy, nourish the yin and yang, so develop a habit.Rub the lower abdomen each morning, middle, and night, starting counterclockwise and then clockwise, starting at a minimum of 36 laps, or a multiple of 36, with moderate intensity.

  Once a week, detoxify the abdomen in the most unfortunate areas on both sides of the navel, or the area where the aunt is agglomerated, and use the palms of both hands to pat hard for ten minutes continuously. Most people can shoot red, purple, blue, black, etc.The spots of different colors are covered, this is the stasis of cold, dampness, fire and poison. After drinking, drink a glass of warm water immediately to accelerate detoxification. Tap once a week. After several consecutive taps, you will find that the spots gradually decrease.In the end, it will not come out again, so that is the integration effect.

  Tianshu Tianshu acupoints can be connected to each other twice a day to defecate, and many people have to run to the toilet as soon as they knock.

The intestines are open, and naturally they will not accumulate slightly. Therefore, you must tap such a good acupuncture point. This acupuncture point is located on both sides of the navel and two fingers apart. Tap at least two times a day for five to ten minutes, Tap until the lower abdomen has fever, the stomach is full of gas, the large intestine is open, and the natural aunt can smoothly metabolize.